League of Legends

Malfunctioning LoL and the Worries on Being Recognized as a Formal Sport



Today’s cartoon is about the unsteady performance of the client which affected LoL leagues around the world.

There were many in-game bugs that appeared during this past week. It was a hard week for many LoL fans. There was a very long lull in the LCK and there was also a win made by in the NA LCS due to an error that made chronobreak unavailable. A champion wasn’t able to appear because of a bug, and later on, Smite was banned on some champions.

It’s hard to say what is the underlying cause behind the recent chain of events, though many fans believe that it’s because of the overly frequent updates. While Riot has been applying hotfixes to deal with their mistakes, people have been saying that the game now feels incomplete.

The unpredictable errors do not just lead to a bad viewing experience, they can also affect the careers of the teams or players who get caught up in these game malfunctions. If the players aren’t able to deliver their intended performance because of an in-game error unrelated to their prowess - and if that happens often - it could harm the records and morale of the players..

Recently, LoL has taken a big step towards being recognized as a formal sport event by being selected as a demonstration event at the Asian Games. However, many people are skeptical. Even the users that enjoy LoL think that a game which can be so drastically changed by the company can never become like a traditional sport. These opinions gained further credibility with the recent mishaps.

People on the other side argue that traditional sports are also incomplete; the rules of most traditional sports are different depending on the region and can always change. There are also always judgment issues with the referees.

One of the most important points to consider is that esports is just taking the first step towards being recognized as a formal sport. It is essential to leave a positive impression in the upcoming Asian Games. If the game displays any errors at this stage in its progression, it could be a critical hit.

Recently, Riot has been putting in a lot of effort to expand their foundation by becoming a demonstration event at the Asian Games, and many people are supporting this venture. To reach a bigger stage, the foundation of LoL as a game must be without flaws. There’s still a long way to go before esports becomes a formal sport. As a pioneer of that journey, Riot needs to be more responsible and precise.



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