Khan on Tank Champions: "I was never bad with tank champs. I simply didn’t pick them that’s all."

On June 19th (KST), Kingzone DragonX (KZ) defeated kt Rolsters (KT) 2:0.


On game 1, KZ Bdd’s Aurelion Sol managed to pick up some early-game kills. With 3 kills, he built Mercury’s Treads as his first item since KT’s main dealers were mostly AP mages. On the 13 minute mark, he picked up 2 more kills and finished his Banner of Command as his first core item. He aggressively pushed through KT’s Mid tier 1 tower and used his mobility to roam throughout the Rift. The game quickly snowballed and KZ eventually won a huge teamfight near the Rift Herald. They started dominating the game and consecutively destroyed the Bottom and Top tier 1 turret.


Near the 22 minute mark, KT ‘Mata’ requested a pause; he had problems moving after Taliyah casted her ult. Eventually the game was resumed at the point before Taliyah casted her ult near the Bottom tier 2 turret. However, the game was already one-sided for KZ. The game ended quite quickly after the long pause with KZ closing down the game.


After the series, Bdd and Khan were interviewed by SPOTV GAMES.

Q. Are you satisfied about your performance today?

Khan: Yeah, I am. We didn’t make a lot of mistakes today.


Bdd: I was worried about our recent performance. But, I had a good feeling after yesterday’s practice.


Q. What’s your thoughts on your the rather ‘less-aggressive’ Mid picks these days?

Bdd: When we are using the ‘Master Yi - Taric’ comp, I feel satisfied when seeing Master Yi slaying the opponents. On the other hand, I didn’t have a lot of fun when I used Braum. But, I’m willing to pick those champs for the team.


Q. Are you now confident on using tank champions?

Khan: Well… People misunderstood; I was never bad on tank champs. I simply didn’t pick them that’s all. If I picked them in the past, I would have shown the same performance I did in today’s match.


Q. What are your thoughts on your Aurelion Sol?

Bdd: I felt that the opponent Mid laner was pressured. That’s why I played more aggressively.


Q. You look really relaxed on stage. Did something special happen?

Bdd: I’ve gained some experience and recently, there are more rookies playing in the LCK. I thought that now I’m at the point where I should make use of those situations. [about rookies feeling pressured]


Q. What do you feel about the rookies playing in the LCK?

Bdd: Ucal seem to be a highly experienced player already. I’m not that sure about the rest. (Khan: Whoa…) (Q. So it’s only Ucal?) Um...  Yeah… No, no... (laughs)


Q. Did you see any other Top laners that performs remarkable like you do?

Khan: Um… I think Kiin performs well. After seeing Griffin’s Top laner, Sword performing well with Mundo, I asked for advice. I got a lot of help from him. I usually watch every match, so if I see an inspiring pick, I try to learn from it. When Kiin was using Aatrox, I tried to learn how to use his rage and skill sets.


Q. There was a long pause in game 1. What did the team do?
Bdd: We like to joke around a lot. Like always, we spent time talking and laughing with each other.


Q. You killed Smeb’s Rumble quite a lot.

Khan: Peanut called for me to wait in the brush for a gank. It was an unbelievable call. I had a hard time forgetting that play throughout the match. It was a miracle. I said to him, “Hey peanut, that gank was remarkable.”  I felt so good, since this was 100% made by the Jungler. All I did was to secure the kill. Well, besides that, I did make other good plays as well. (laughs)


Q. Is there a hidden pick that you’ve prepared?

Bdd: Yeah I do. But it’s confidential.


Q. You didn’t seem that happy in your last interview. (Khan: Me?) Yeah. Well, how do you feel about today's match?

Khan: I feel so good today.


Q. Can you say something for the fans?

Khan: We’ll try our best to perform on our best shapes after today’s match. Thank you.

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