CoreJJ: "Each and every team is playing what they think is the most optimal. The tournament is a clash of opinions and preferences"

On the 15th of June, at the Gangnam Nexon Arena, Gen.G Esports defeated SKT T1 with a clean score of 2-0. In this current chaotic meta, GEN seemed to have found the compositions that work for them.

GEN's support player, CoreJJ, landed many stellar engages on Rakan in game 1. In game 2, CoreJJ took full advantage of Tahm Kench's kit and acted as the core of GEN's strategy.

The following is an interview done with CoreJJ.

How do you feel taking that victory?

We played against strong teams from the very start of the tournament. I think we're on a good start.

Although we're still early on in the tournament, I think it's safe to say that you can expect good things from us this split.

You had lost to SKT T1 in the playoffs during Spring. Did you have revenge in mind while playing today?

The meta had changed drastically since then. Therefore, I came in with a new mindset; imagining that all the records have been reset; a blank sheet of paper. 

Like you've mentioned, the meta has changed way too drastically. What's your opinion on it?

At first, the game felt really fresh due to the constant emergence of new champions on stage. However, this can get boring very quickly. The split will need to go on a bit further for better meta champions to be discovered. 

We'll need to believe that we're on the right path, we'll need to continue moving forward. 

Can you tell us about the changes in the botlane?

Any champion can be picked in the botlane at this point. Even if you win with something completely random, it wouldn't be strange. I think currently, each and every team is playing what they think is the most optimal; the tournament is currently a clash of opinions and preferences. 

As for myself, I didn't have too many opportunities to try out a wide range of unorthodox picks, but until the Round 2 of the Summer Split, teams will continue to research and analyze new picks. 

You took down both Kingzone and SKT. How is the team atmosphere at the moment?

Everyone is happy. 

I'm happy that we had a good start. However, I think the other teams are still adapting to the new meta. Therefore, we'll need to get level headed and prepare for when the other teams have adapted, too. 

You're a Korean representative in the Asian Games. 

It's a great experience to have played with the best players of each role. I'm also learning a lot of new things through this experience; I think it's helping me with my performance. I still remember the Chinese hot pot that I had before coming back to Korea. I liked the food there.

Ruler must be having a difficult time, needing to practice so many different champions for the botlane. How is he doing?

Ruler actually plays a wide range of champions. As a matter of fact, I think he's having fun right now. He has made a resolution that he'd practice more champions, even if it costs him up to 200lp in solo queue. 

Any last words?

We started the split with a winning streak. I also know that a lot of fans are cheering for us. I won't be satisfied with our results so far; we'll look further ahead and aim higher. 

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