[KR Reactions] LCK Summer Day 4: "We've witnessed the richest, the most well-paid Taric in the entire world!"

Series 1 - JAG vs KZ

Game 1
- Midlane Braum? Are they trolling?
ㄴWhat's a meta?
ㄴAre you supposed to build him AP or something?
ㄴThat’s a waste of Bdd’s mechanics, putting him on Braum.
ㄴI think they’re trying to play an underwhelming version of the Master Yi and Taric comp.

- I like how the teams are thinking multiple steps ahead, trying different strategies and what not. But I think they’re way too far ahead.
ㄴWhy is KZ playing like this.
ㄴSo many different types of strategy have been showcased this split, but only a few of them actually seems good.
ㄴWhy put your best player on Braum?
ㄴGraves/Braum comp doesn’t feel right…

- The Spring champions are already declining in power.
ㄴJAG is playing really well.
ㄴI don't think Bdd had a lot of practice on Braum.
ㄴWhy did KZ take Ashe?

Game 2
- JAG took Braum and KZ took Nidalee this time. Are they trading strats?
ㄴ"Hey, that's not how you play that champion!"
ㄴJAG playing the mustache comp lol. 
ㄴMustache vs No stache

- We'll soon be seeing an article titled, "The fall of KZ."
ㄴFor real, lmao.
ㄴHow can a regional champion decline in power so quickly?

- Removing ADCs didn't exactly make the games more enjoyable to watch.
ㄴDifferent champions, same boring games.
ㄴThe consistent boredom that comes from watching didn't stem from champion picks.
ㄴ30 minute farming game.

- Both teams played a game of, "Who is stronger in the late game?" The winner was Mundo.
ㄴHe's freaking immortal.
ㄴHe's like a walking CC.


Game 3
- Oh shoot, Taliyah is left open.
ㄴ Jungle Taliyah?
ㄴ I can't tell where she'll be going lmao.
ㄴ Draven?!?!
ㄴ I heard that Draven is S-tier right now.

- Kakao still haven't adapted to the LCK
ㄴ Is Peanut too difficult of an opponent for him?
ㄴ If they picked Camille after having left Taliyah open, they should win.
ㄴ I don't they can win. Draven is their only hope.
ㄴ What is Camille even doing? She's not doing anything this game.

- I actually thought that JAG had a good chance of winning today. But the difference in skills is too big.
ㄴ Even if Kingzone is underperforming, they're still Kingzone.
ㄴ They're too good in teamfights. 
ㄴ But wow, Draven is super strong.
ㄴ Nocturne died in 3 hits to him, lmao.
ㄴ Mundo also scaled pretty well, we won't know who'll win until the very end. 

- In the end, they lost. UmTi should've kept playing instead of bringing in Kakao.
ㄴ It's still early on in the split, so experimenting different players and strats are understandable. But this was ridiculous, lmao. 
ㄴ He has to relearn the LCK way of playing.
ㄴ Does Kakao really have the audacity to cross his legs while sitting after playing like that? He's going to get hit for that.

Series 2

Game 1
- It has been a long time  since I've seen a Xayah.
ㄴ It used to be such a common pick. Now it's weird to see her being played.
ㄴ There's an odd Pikachu in the mix, but aside from that, this looks like a normal botlane matchup.
ㄴ Professional picks and bans isn't that impressive! I just played that exact same SKT comp in solo queue, LOL. 
ㄴ So did you win?

- Why is Faker receiving such a beatdown?
ㄴ Because he has a flag on one hand.
ㄴ I've said this multiple times already, but SKT is now just one of the bottom LCK teams. 
ㄴ Haru is actually really good on Xin Zhao, lmao.
ㄴ SKT's jungler didn't make a single good play, not even once.

- What did I even expect? I knew this would happen, lmao.
ㄴ Is today the day that I quit being an SKT fan?
ㄴ God damn it, lmao. I knew that they'd lose, but their process of losing is painful to watch.
ㄴ Gen.G is actually playing really well though. Fly is a great addition to the team. Fly is so handsome too...

Game 2
- We've witnessed the richest, the most well-paid Taric in the entire world LOL.
ㄴ Wow... I didn't see this coming. Faker on Taric?
ㄴ Why is he taking Heal and Exhaust though?
ㄴ Shouldn't Faker play the Yi? I think he'd do better than Blossom.
ㄴ On the other hand, why is Fly on Braum?

- They're being wrecked despite having taken Yi and Taric.
ㄴ All you had to do was constantly kill the two with your whole team!
ㄴ bbq must've lost because they couldn't think of that.
ㄴ Even with Yi and Taric, I guess you can't make the impossible possible.
ㄴ What did I even expect?

- SKT had definitely hit rock bottom. On the other hand, Gen.G is playing really well.
ㄴ I didn't expect Haru to play this well.
ㄴ Why the heck did they even take Yi and Taric if they were going to play like this?
ㄴ SKT should go back to the Challenger scene. It may look like they returned to form over there. 
ㄴ They lost an inhibitor at 19 minutes into the game...

- The gap in skills is so large that I didn't even enjoy watching this series.
ㄴ Ruler will be playing with Faker in the Asian Games, right? I wonder how he'd feel, lmao.
ㄴ I bet Faker stole some of Ruler's CS during the Asian Games. You can feel the anger in Ruler's auto attacks when he's hitting Faker LOL. 
ㄴ Camille feels like Master Yi lol.
ㄴ ...And the game ends in 23 minutes.

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