KZ Khan on His 'Bow Down and Kneel' Comment: "I said that out of my own will, so the flaks were inevitable, really"

Kingzone DragonX bounces back, taking their first win of the 2018 LCK Summer Split. 

KZ reverse sweeps JAG with a score of 2-1. KZ shakily started the series by using a Graves-Braum comp; a strategy similar to that of the infamous Master Yi and Taric comp -- funneling all the jungle and midlane resources to the jungler. After having lost the first game, KZ went back to playing a more traditional team composition and successfully took two games in a row. In both games 2 and 3, Khan and Peanut played fantastically, consistently applying pressure on the enemy team. 

After the series, the two MVP titlists, Khan and Peanut were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster.

Can you tell us how you feel about that victory?

Khan: I was burdened when we lost the first game, but it felt really great when we won both games 2 and 3.

KZ won the series through Peanut. What were you told before being subbed in, Peanut?

Peanut: Things could've gone so much better for us in game 1. Whether the enemy team played well or not, we didn't even have the right to judge, because we terribly underperformed. 

We didn't expect you to make an appearance today, Peanut. We thought you'd be too busy practicing for the Asian Games.

Peanut: I think I was subbed in today to switch things up a little bit. I was initially worried about playing today because I wasn't able to practice in the current meta [due to the Asian Games]. However, I was subbed in while our team was losing 0-1, so I played without feeling much pressure. 

Were you surprised by how chaotic the current meta is?

Peanut: I heard about the meta from my team when they were scrimming. They told me that it is a mess. I hope that the meta stabilizes by the time I'm back [from the Asian Games].

How about you, Khan? I heard from other toplaners that there is nothing that they can do in the current meta. That their fight in the toplane became an even lonelier fight. What do you think?

Khan: It became a lot better due to the Banner of Command nerf. When Banner was strong, people were even saying that the toplaner had less of an effect in a game than a minion. But currently, there are a lot of toplane champions that can be played to carry, such as Darius and Aatrox; so we should be able to affect the bottom side of the map a lot more now. 

You played Mundo extremely well today. And even when playing against him with Darius, you killed him. 

Khan: We simply had the pick advantage there. We also had an advantage in game 2.

Any memorable moments in game 2?

Khan: Overall, everyone did well in game 2. The most memorable moment was in game 1, where I dove the enemy team 1 vs 5 inside the Baron pit. I remember telling my team that I'd probably die, but once I flashed, GorillA said that he'll save me [with Lulu]. 

And Khan, as an interviewer, I want to sincerely apologize to you. I asked you a question in the past in which led you to give a controversial answer; which gave you a lot of flak from the media. 

Khan: I said that [all toplaners of the world, bow down and kneel] out of my own will, so it was inevitable, really.

I heard from other professional players that Taliyah isn't worth practicing because she's almost always banned. 

Peanut: Although I didn't get as much practice on her -- especially because of the Asian Games -- she was already played frequently in the past, so we didn't worry too much. I've also played her a lot of times in the past because I often play different lanes during solo queue. 

Until the very end of picks and bans during game 3, we couldn't tell where you guys were going to send the Taliyah. 

Peanut: Nocturne was actually a last-minute pick. We were wondering, "what should we pick?" I then told the team and coach that I wanted to play Nocturne. 

Which moment do you remember the most in game 3?

Peanut: My counter-gank at the toplane. I think I did really well there. Every other situation, I think I could've played better. I'm pretty sure other professional junglers who watched felt the same way. 

I had done a better job jungling in the early game; and to be honest, the game was actually heavily in our favor because of that. After the successful counter-gank, the game was pretty much over at that point. However, when I used my first ultimate on Ryze, I actually feared a minion... that's when the game sort of evened out. 

Lastly, a lot of fans have said that Kingzone will struggle in the Summer of 2018. The biggest reason being exhaustion [MSI, Asian Games, etc.]. 

Khan: We won last year's Summer split and this year's Spring. We're also looking to win this year's Summer. I'll do my best to stay at this pace. 

Peanut: Because Khan said he wants to win, the same goes for me. (Laughs) But instead of stopping there, I want to do well at Worlds, too. Since we have a lot of time remaining before then, I'll do my best to maintain a healthy mentality, even if we lose a couple of scrims here and there. I'll do my best to win every game. We'll prepare more champion picks. Thank you.

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