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Prepare for New Ocean Content - Mysteries of Summer Prologue Event begins in BDO KR



On June 14th, Black Desert Online KR started an event for the the prologue of the big summer update, Mysteries of the Summer. The event, titled Epheria - Omen, consists of daily quests and a quest chain that is available once per family.

The daily quests (one of the quests is available once every three days) will give Contribution EXP, materials for building a ship, and Part for Explorer’s Compass. The family quests will give materials for a fishing boat and one Kaia Fishing Boat gear.

There are a total of 7 daily quests, and each quest will give 50 Contribution exp. Five of the 7 quests will give 50 Sailing exp, and the rewards are 100 Coral Pieces, 100 Logs, 5 Lobsters, 1 Part of Explorer’s Compass, 10 Margoria Dark Irons, 5 Black Gold Ingots, 1 Golden Pearl (one per three days), and either 50 Coral Pieces or 50 Logs.

You can receive the family quests from Srulk, the wharf manager in Epheria. He will give you instructions on how to build a fishing boat, and will help you with the materials as well. There are a total of 6 quests in the chain, and the rewards are 50 Contribution exp (from each quest), 1 Sharp Lumbering Axe, 15 Usable Scantlings, 25 Bronze Ingots, 35 Birch Plywoods, 3 Epheria Workers (Skilled Giant/Goblin/Human Worker), and one out of the selection of Kaia Fishing Boat Cargo Container, Kaia Fishing Boat Prow, and Kaia Fishing Boat Decoration.

The next stage of Mysteries of Summer will be revealed on June 28th in KR.


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    level 1 Anna_Naito

    The vid does look a lot like the Waterpark event from last year with a treasure hunt in the nearby caves...but the event with sailing XP sounds nice to me. I always take free logs.

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    level 1 Misfit

    I'm gonna Love this Sailing Exp ^_^

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