BDO KR Patch Notes June 14th: Summer Update Prologue Event Begins



PROLOGUE, Epheria - Omen Event.
  -  Period: June 14th after maintenance ~ July 19th before maintenance.
  -  Strange omens have been found at Port Epheria. Complete ‘time-limited events’ which you can only accept during the event period!

Fixed the issue where damage would apply abnormally when hitting the treasure box from Pirate’s Lost Treasure Box with Trina Demolition Axe.

The chance of a treasure box from Pirate’s Lost Treasure Box appearing in the Serendia area has been decreased by 0.5 and the chance to appear in areas other than Serendia has been increased by x2.

The chances that you will obtain [Event] Washed-Up Laundry when you fish has doubled.



Fixed the issue where the character’s eyes would appear awkward when typing unusable letters during character creation.



Fixed the issue where Kick could not be used when switching to combat stance while moving left and right during non-combat stance.



Added key command (Shift + RMB ) for Flow: Sharp Feather III.
  -  Added the description in the skill tooltip.

The damage when using Flow: Sharp Feather III by pressing Shift + RMB will now be the same as Penetrating Wind (Damage will be applied depending on the level of the Penetrating Wind when using the skill)

CC effects will now only be applied on the first hit when using Penetrating Wind after using Dash Kick while having learned Flow: Sharp Feather III in PvE.

Fixed the issue where the damage for PvP did not decrease when using Penetrating Wind while it was on cooldown.

Fixed the issue where the sheath would disappear when switching from Longbow to Kamasylven Sword while Karstein Dagger is equipped.



Fixed the issue where the CC effect for Feral Stampede would not be applied to faraway targets.



Fixed the issue where the buffs would be applied only on 3 allies when using Absorb Heilang.

Fixed the issue where attack hits were not applied sometimes when using Tree Climb.



Added animation so that Valkyrie can switch to Awakened weapon while moving forward when pressing C after using Divine Slam.



Fixed the issue where the armor would appear awkward when equipping Sicarios Armor with Le Vladian Underwear together.



Fixed the issue where the hair would appear awkward when equipping Nouse’s Shard Helmet.

Fixed the issue where the back of the neck would appear awkward during combat stance when equipping Nouse’s Shard Armor.



Fixed the issue where the target’s animation would sometimes appear awkward when the Striker used Flow: Tornado Kick after using Knee Hammer.

Fixed the issue where the hair would appear awkward when equipping Nouse’s Shard Helmet.



Fixed the attack effect for the 2nd hit when using Heavy Fist at the same spot.



Fixed the issue where the breasts would appear awkward when equipping Flowery costume.



You can now store High-Quality Wine in storage.

You can now sell crafted Duvencrune and Karmasylve furniture to NPCs.

You can now obtain Ancient Spirit Powder and Caphras Stone by butchering and collecting blood



The additional damage applied when attacking the castle gate with Trina Demolition Axe during Conquest Wars has been removed.
  -  We found an abnormal issue when attacking the castle gate with Trina Demolition Axe during internal testing, and this action has been taken to prevent it temporarily. Damage will be applied once more as soon as we fix the problem.

Fixed the issue where the guild’s name would show even though the union had conquered during the Conquest War.

Fixed the issue where it would sometimes say that the Conquest War is being held or attacks could not be applied in PvP even when the Conquest War has already ended.

Fixed the issue where the Militia could not use the ‘Come Together’ feature when the Conquest War begins.

Fixed the issue where the structures for Node/conquest War would sometimes be placed while overlapping each other.

Fixed the issue where the character could not move when going up the Wooden Fence Gate during the Guild Master Duel.

Fixed the issue where the feature removing the clan member would not work properly.

Packaged Old Moon Camping Anvil has been added.
  -  Similar to the Sealed Old Moon Camping Anvil, you can use the item by unpacking it and obtaining an Old Moon Camping Anvil.
  -  Instructions for making Packaged Old Moon Camping Anvil via processing and workshop have been added.
  -  You can make this item through Processing > Manufacture or at the Old Moon Workshop at Tarif 2-2, 1F.
  -  Manufacture
Old Moon Anticorrosive x10
Steel x20
Pure Vanadium Crystal x2
Polished Stone x2
Pure Mythril Crystal x15
  -  House Crafting
Old Moon Anticorrosive x10
Steel x20
Pure Vanadium Crystal x2
Polished Stone x2
Pure Mythril Crystal x10



Fixed an issue where Saunil Archer’s bow was airborne.

The rewards for defeating the following monsters have changed.

Young Nineshark, Young Candidum, and Young Black Rust have been added near the border of Ross Sea and Margoria Sea.
  -  You can get Young Sea Monster’s Neidan, Young Candidum Shell, Young Black Rust Jawbone, and Young Nineshark’s Horn Fragment.
  -  You will get Sailing exp by defeating Young Nineshark/Candidum/Black Rust. However, the exp will not be affected by life skill exp buffs.
  -  You can heat 10 Young Candidum Shells/Young Black Rust Jawbones/Young Nineshark’s Horn Fragments to get one [Guild] Candidum Shell/[Guild ]Black Rust Jawbone/[Guild] Nineshark Fragment.
  -  You can heat 10 Young Sea Monster’s Neidan to get one [Guild] Sea Monster’s Neidan.

The order of grind spots in the Item Drop menu will be in the order of increasing recommended AP


[Quest and Knowledge]

The sentence “inventory slot increase item cannot be used when you already have the max inventory slot” has been added in the quest summary of “I want to be like my father!” quest.

Typos in the knowledge description of some monsters have been fixed.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Auto-pathing inside Shakatu’s Villa has been improved.

The geography of Crescent Plaza in Valencia has changed for smoother movement.
Fixed an issue where some objects in Helms Post overlapped when you set the graphics quality to optimization mode.

The graphics of torches will be displayed when the character is holding a torch.

Fixed an issue where your current location appeared as Cron Islands when you are actually in Weita Island.

Fixed an issue where characters could go through certain areas in Velia without opening the door.

Weekly secret vendor Morco will appear in Valencia, Grana, and Duvencrune as well.

Fixed an issue where the outline of an NPC was not visible when you are facing the NPC.

Demihar, the material vendor in Duvencrune Marak Farm, will appear as a question mark in the mini map when you don’t have his knowledge.



In the Settings menu, the description of the new HP bar has been edited to sound better.

The copyright window in the Settings menu will be in full screen.

The remaining hours of Blessing of Kamasylve, Value Packpage, and Merv’s Palette will be displayed at the top left corner below the icons when less than 72 hours are left.



Entering the downward directional key in the gamepad will function the same as the Enter key on the keyboard.

The sentence “item drop rate is 50% higher than other servers when defeating monsters” has been added in the description of Arsha server.

The system message that appears when you try to connect to a server in the server selection screen during World Boss spawns has been edited to be more accurate.

Fixed an issue where no more than 8 members could use the guild voice chat.

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Comments :6

  • 1

    level 7 Hayaku

    Are there any known plans for the coming months apart from "Mysteries of Summer"? For instance when/if we'll get airships, which class is going to be rebalanced next, anything?
  • 0

    level 1 Nyanpasu_


    they aways fix visual bugs, and witch / wiz still dead

    • -2

      level 1 Frank



  • 0

    level 2 Suyino

    Does this patch mean PA plans to balance individual classes every two weeks?

  • 0

    level 1 akourbat

    these items - "Young Sea Monster’s Neidan"? are they regular loot (not guild)? if so, how much do they weigh and can you place them in your ship's hold?

  • 0

    level 2 LumiNotOP

    Tamer fixes pogfrog. Wiz/witch fixes when?

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