Rush On Score's Master Yi: "We let him play Master Yi once, but the result wasn’t good."

The last match of the 2018 LCK Summer split Day 2 was the matchup between Jin Air Greenwings(JAG) and kt Rolster (KT).


The first match was interesting enough to see an actual ADC getting picked on both sides. KT did manage to destroy the first turret, but JAG caught up by claiming the enemy Top turret right away. KT managed to slay the Baron two times and secured a win.


The focus for the second match was on the ‘Karthus - Nunu’ pick by JAG. However, KT countered the pick by pushing through the Mid lane constantly. Nocturne teamed up with Lulu in Mid and restricted Karthus from farming up. This was a bad sign for JAG since Karthus’ CS is the key for the ‘Karthus - Nunu’ pick. Eventually, KT quickly gained the advantage and destroyed the enemy Nexus on a 23 minute mark.


Ucal and Rush were interviewed by OGN after the match.


Q. (Rush getting killed after using ult) You suddenly used your ult to engage and got killed. What happened?

Rush: I want to say sorry. (Q. It was fun though.) I just wanted to turn the lights off but I thought about the fact that I got whipped all game long so I suddenly became angry.


Q.(Rush getting killed after using ult) What did you say with your team? Was there a team call?

Ucal: The team call was to not engage…


Q. KT seemed to withstand a lot. Was this planned?

Rush: We were pressured by the opponent more than we thought. I still thought that we’d win the game if we can withstand till mid/late game.  


Q. Were you prepared for the new bottom meta?

Ucal: Yes. We expected the new picks.


Q. You bought the Stopwatch quite early and built the Guardian Angel. Why?

Rush: There were some assassins in the opponent side, so I thought it would be helpful for the team if I manage to survive in fights.


Q. Can you recommend a good Mid champion for the current meta?

Ucal: I think these days a weak Mid pick can become a quality pick depending on the team’s Jungle champ.


Q. The team managed to counter the Karthus - Nunu pick. Was this prepared in practice?

Ucal: We practiced in scrims. That’s how we found a solution for it.


Q. You used a rather unique item tree for your Lulu.

Ucal: I was confident of winning no matter what. That’s why I decided to build interesting items.


Q. Is the Karthus - Nunu pick better compared to the Master Yi - Taric pick?

Rush: If you are a good Karthus user, I think the Karthus - Nunu pick is by far the best. Still, I’m a Jungler, so I like the Master Yi - Taric pick since it has more focus on Jungle.


Ucal: I’m a good Karthus user, but it’s really difficult to use if the Nunu plays bad. (Q. Isn’t it hard to play bad on Nunu?) If it’s Rush, it’s possible. (laugh) He dies a lot.


Q. Comparing to Score, who do you think is the better Master Yi user?

Rush: We let Score play Master Yi once, but the result wasn’t good. (laugh)


Q. (video clip of Ucal using Lulu) Aren’t  you pressured in situations like this?

Ucal: Yeah I am, but I believe in my positioning and moving skills. I was never hit by a Karthus’ Q. (Q. So, today was your first time you were hit?) I thought the opponent might feel bad, so I intentionally let him land his skill.


Q. Do you have any words for the LCK rookies?

Ucal: Since you are a rookie, don’t try to be pressured. Try to do your best and improve.


Q. Any words for the KT fans?

Rush: Today I let the fans laugh because of my mistakes. Next time I’ll entertain the fans by showing remarkable performance.


Ucal: The meta changed a lot in this Summer split. I’ll adjust, improve and claim the trophy.

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