Official art from every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character revealed at E3 2018



At E3 2018, Nintendo revealed arguably the most anticipated and biggest game of the week: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. One of the coolest announcements regarding the iconic fighter was the return of every single character ever seen the series.

Lucina, Dark Pit AKA "clone" characters will be returning as well in the form of "echo characters". These echo characters can be selected by selecting their original character and changing costumes into the echo character is selected. Echo characters have different move properties just like traditional "clones" from the series.

Echo characters provide the opportunity for new characters themselves -- Daisy from Mario universe is coming to Smash as more than just an alternate costume for Peach. She will have the same moves as Peach, but they will behave differently with unique properties. Who knows what other echo characters might be included in the game moving forward.

Here are all of the characters so far revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!



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    level 1 Summer_Hamilton


    You missed Palutena. Good quality though!

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      level 7 Nick

  • 0

    level 1 EchGaming


    You also forgot Falco and Shulk

    • 0

      level 7 Nick


      Nintendo press kit seemed to be missing a few— thanks for this!

      Updated with ya boys

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    level 1 Samuel_Luque

    yeiii palutenaaaa ♥

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