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You know xQc. Now meet Gator, former GOATS Main Tank who stomped Fusion University twice.




Last week, GOATS made waves by announcing xQc to their roster for Contenders NA Trials. GOATS is already a team that deserves praise in their own right, as they stomped through BEAT Invitational with a Route 66 spawn room full hold in Grand Finals.



They've had a rocky past which they've attempted to address in a Reddit AMA, but no one can deny their skill and their results.


With their wins in consideration, many were met with surprise as xQc's debut with GOATS ended with a 0-2:


But to the original fans of GOATS and perhaps by the team itself, it's not too surprising. Gator was their former Main Tank and shotcaller, who received a 1-year Contenders ban for account boosting. xQc was brought in to fill in the gap. 



On the Overwatch Contenders Daily, it was revealed by Sit that xQc's shotcalling and playstyle is more passive, compared to Gator's aggression and familiarly with their infamous 3 tank/3 support composition.



Thing is, Gator isn't a "former" Main Tank when it comes to 3rd-party Overwatch tournaments. His ban only applies to Contenders, so he's still active and playing with his team in Overwatch PIT. They're currently on a tear, stomping Contenders NA S1 winners Fusion University twice. 


This quote from Elk does not seem to age well:


They're often criticized for being a one-trick composition team, but can you blame them if it's working?



For new GOATS fans who are here because of xQc, take some time to look at Gator.  He was an invaluable member to the team and will continue to be. 



Of course, this is not a contest of which Main Tank and shotcaller is better.  With Gator in his GOATS Coach position for Contenders, he only wants his team to do well and the question becomes irrelevant.  There will be growing pains, but xQc will adapt and flourish under Gator's coaching and direction.  Whether you're a new fan or old fan, you'll give your support to both of them.


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    level 1 LIta

    Really like Gator, really wish he can play in OC.
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