Fallout 76 Will be Four Times Larger Than Fallout 4; New Trailer Revealed!


Bethesda’s newest addition to the Fallout series, ‘Fallout 76’ had a new trailer released.


Fallout 76 was introduced by Todd Howard, the director at Bethesda Game Studios, during the E3 Showcase. Howard took some time to reveal some of the story behind Vault 76. Tidbits about Vault 76 were revealed in previous installments; the vault was designed to be opened after 20 years without going through any kinds of experiments, unlike other vaults.


The trailer showed in-game footage that was unlike previous titles, and had plenty of scenery of civilizations ruined by the fallout. Based on the garden and mansion surrounded by greenery, many predict that the game’s story will be about rebuilding abandoned cities.

Fallout 76, which Todd Howard revealed to be the ‘biggest one yet’ out of Bethesda’s titles, is 4 times the size of its predecessor and will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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