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UCI Cpt Nuke Gives His Regards To All Top Laners: "Stumpey and I are probably the best top laners in the entire tournament."



On the 9th of June, UC Irvine defeated Maryland 3-1 in the College Championship semi-finals.

The win qualified UCI into the finals for the 10th of June.

Winning the first two games convincingly, it seemed that UCI had the catch on Maryland. However, in game 3, Maryland came out of the gates with their Yasuo and Lee Sin. With back to back skirmishes all around the map, Maryland had caught UCI off guard. However, too much expectations, UCI came into game 4 with a fresh mindset and closed the series.

Not only his name but also his performance stood out in the game series against Maryland. Cpt Nuke truly demonstrated how much a truly skilled top laner can impact the game. Specializing in carry style top laners, Cpt Nuke excelled on mechanically heavy champions such as Camille, Irelia, and Gnar.

Titling himself as one of the best top laners in the competition, let’s see what Cpt Nuke has to say about Stumpey, Maryland, and the finals.


¤ Could you quickly introduce yourself?

My name is Edwin Fu. I play top lane for UC Irvine. My summoner name is Cpt Nuke. I am a second year major in computer science.

¤ How did you get into this whole Esports scene? As to my knowledge, UC Irvine has a fantastic Esports facility and support.

In regards to Esports specifically, I believe League was my first competitive game. I played since March 2011. I just picked it up and ended up being really good at it. I was at middle school at that time, and I kept playing throughout my high school. I made a high school team for High School Star League which is the hs equivalent of College Championships. We made it really far. We made it to second place twice. This eventually lead me to here, UCI. I loved gaming, and UCI had the perfect balance of academics and gaming in my opinion. It was natural for me to choose UCI.

¤ Was top lane always your main role throughout middle school to high school? Or did you bounce around roles here and there?

I actually used to be a mid lane main for 3 seasons. I played mid on this really amateur no-name team at the time. However, they needed a top laner. Because of this, I switched my role to top lane. Ever since then, I have been playing top lane for 4 years now.

¤ Do you ever regret switching roles? Or are you completely satisfied with your decision?

I think I am completely satisfied with my role. A lot of people believe top lane is a very simple no-brain tank role (laughs). However, top lane is very intricate. I feel like there is so much you can do top lane. I truly believe top lane is one of the hardest roles to master.

¤ Talking a bit about the games today, game 3 was very reminiscent of a typical soloq game. What was your team’s communication and mindset before and during the game?

In regards to mindset, I think some of the players on my team were a bit frustrated with how they were playing. But, we kept telling each other “Don’t tilt. Don’t tilt. We can still win.”. Even though we lost, we were able to refresh our overall mindset. We were honestly not ready for Maryland’s playstyle where you fight for anything. When you extend just a little bit and you fight, fight, and fight. That is one of our weaknesses too. We tend to underestimate our opponents. We don’t expect them to pick us off. Maryland’s playstyle is actually very effective against us.

¤ When I took a peek at the player cams, your team was laughing even though you guys had just lost game 3. What was going on there?

Honestly, I felt like even though we lost we were going to win (laughs). We were just straight up the better team. Without a doubt. I feel like our team environment is a lot better compared to other teams. I believe we get along really well. It is a huge plus for us. Although we lost a game, I knew we would be able to come back from it mentally.

¤ Since you have qualified for the finals and up against Columbia, what are your expectations in that match?


I think that their solo laners, especially top lane, is really really good. Well, mainly their top laner (laughs). I believe their top laner (Stumpey) is mechanically good. Stumpey and I are probably the best top laners in the entire tournament. At the same time, I am nervous and excited to prove that I am the best.

¤ What are you predicting for the score? What are your guts telling you right now?

I feel like we are going to win 3-1 or 3-0. Although their solo laners are extremely good, their jungler is one of the worst junglers in the tournament. Their jungler really hinders their solo laners. I think Columbia knows it is their weakest point as well.

¤ Lastly, is there anything, in particular, you want to say to your friends, fans, or opposing top laners?

To all my friends, I want to thank them for watching and supporting me. I am having a good time here. This is probably one of the best moments in my entire life. For all the top laners out there, I am the best (laughs).



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