PraY: "Longzhu let me stay in LCK, so I'm very grateful."


Before boarding his plane to Spain for the League of Legends 2016 All-Stars event, Longzhu Gaming ADC Jongin "PraY" Kim stopped to exchange a few words with Inven.


How are you feeling?

"To be honest, I think I'm here because of the 'only two from the same team' rule."

What are your expectations for the 1v1 contest?

"I've always wanted to win the whole thing, but it never really worked out that way. This time I'll actually just try to have fun [laughs]."

You and GorillA officially joined Longzhu Gaming this morning.

"Longzhu let me stay in LCK, so I'm very grateful. Please cheer us on."

Looking forward to doing some sightseeing?

"I've been to a few All-Stars. There never was any time for tourism [smiles]. It'll be fun if there's a group tour planned. I don't think I'll be sightseeing alone."

Any last words before you have to run?

"I think this year's All-Star team has a more positive atmosphere than last year's. I'll have fun!"


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