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League of Legends

Faker on the Asian Games: "I’ll prepare well so that I can use any champion in any situation."


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Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok shared his thoughts on participating in his first international competition of this year. Faker had played in MSI every year for the past few years, but this year, his first international competition became the Asian Games. On the Asian Games, he said “Many fans have high expectations and they’re sending us big support. I’ll prepare well so that I can use any champion in any situation."

Faker also said that it felt somewhat different from other competitions. “My shoulders are heavy with the weight of wearing the national flag on my uniform. It makes me think I should be better than ever.” On building teamwork, he emphasized the importance by saying “When we first met each other [for this competition], it wasn’t that difficult to get used to each other since everybody was as thought. Still, I think getting closer to each other is the most urgent matter since we’ll need to play as a team.”

In recent solo queue, Faker had improved results and drew high expectations from fans. However, he was humble on that matter. “Although I climbed high in the solo queue ladder, it’s completely different from competitions. I want to deliver good performance and results in the team game now.”

Lastly, he spoke about the strong contest in the eastern Asia region and expressed his determination. “There are strong contenders in the eastern Asia region from the play-ins. I won’t become careless against any opponent whether it’s the play-ins or the main stage.”


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