Shanghai Dragons MG: "This is not what I came to the US for"



Today, Shangai Dragons announced on Twitter that they have decided to "part ways" with Dongjian "MG" Wu immediately.  In the post, Shanghai Dragons seemed to reveal that the decision to part ways with MG was mutual.

On Weibo, a Chinese social media website, MG commented on the matter. Written in Chinese originally, a translation was provided on this Reddit thread and is written below:

"I didn’t play PUBG except on my days off. I spent all my time training during scheduled training hours."

"I am not slacking off in the team. I filled whatever role the team needed. I even tried to practice DPS on ranked to fill the DPS role for the team. Korean tanks have no language barrier so I didn’t have any play time since Stage 3."

"My training task has been playing ranked only ever since then. I felt lost and depressed. I am not satisfied with a life with high salary but only playing ranked all day. This is not what I came US for[sic]. I decided to leave and talked to the team. Now I am allowed to leave."

"Thanks to Diya, Freefeel, and Fiveking for all the kind words. I want to win by myself and my teammates. I am gonna take a break to spend some time with my family."

▲ MG's Weibo profile.

MG's comment about his PUBG playing habits is in response to earlier accusations that he was playing excessively when he should have been training in Overwatch. On the contrary, his primary message seems to be about how the lack of play time made even the high salary lifestyle of an OWL player not worth it.

According to MG, he "didn't come to the US" to "play ranked" all day. In a screenshot at the bottom of the original Weibo message, MG even mentioned that he would rather be playing in Contenders back in China -- at least then he would be getting play it.

While this is another blow towards Shanghai Dragon's fan base, it doesn't seem like it will change or alter the Dragons chance at getting their first victory. After all, it's not like MG had much play time on the OWL stage.


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