Changes Made to Maximum Prices for Boss Gear/Top Accessories on KR - 50% More Expensive Than NA/EU at the Top


The maximum price for some PEN boss weapons/armor and TET/PEN accessories have been raised through last week’s patch on Black Desert Online KR. Here is a comparison of the currently listed prices between NA/EU and KR, since many of you seem to be curious about the change made on the maximum price.


♠ PEN Boss Weapon/Armor Maximum Price

First, let us look at the boss mainhand and offhand weapons. There are Kzarka, Offin Tett’s Radian weapons for mainhand, Nouver and Kutum for offhand, and Dandelion for Awakening. The 4 mainhand and offhand weapons remain same in the maximum price although Dandelion is more expensive than these.

The maximum price for PEN boss main/offhand is 5,873,095,168 silver, and 6,754,059,264 silver for Dandelion weapons. Also, there were several items that have been sold for pre-orders; over 16 billion silver for a mainhand weapon and over 20 billion silver for Dandelion when we last checked.

As for boss armor, PEN Griffon’s Helmet is 4,877,221,888 silver and PEN Giath’s Helmet is 4,822,561,792 silver. For other armor, PEN Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor is 5,608,804,864 silver, while Red Nose’s Armor is 4,828,205,056 silver.

PEN Urugon’s Shoes are 5,608,804,864 silver, which is same as Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor; Muskan’s Shoes are almost the same as Red Nose. PEN Bheg’s Gloves are 4,877,221,888 silver, which is the same as Griffon’s Helmet. Additionally, Livre’s Gloves, the new boss gloves dropped in Drieghan (the region yet to be updated on NA/EU), have the same price as Bheg’s.

♠ TET/PEN Main Accessory Maximum Price



As for accessories, ‘the maximum price for some TET/PEN accessories has been changed’ was what it read in the patch notes, and we checked to see if the maximum prices for the top, popular yellow accessories such as Ogre Ring, Ring of Crescent Guardian, and Tungrad Earring had been raised.


On the other hand, blue accessories like Witch’s Earring and Mark of Shadow, or, yellow accessories with rather low tiers like Serap’s Necklace or Narc Ear Accessory, did not get a raise in their maximum prices.


Prior to comparing the changed maximum prices, please note that there is a gap between the accessory prices between KR server and NA/EU server. In the case of NA/EU, the price of Serap’s necklace was lower than Sicil’s Necklace, but this was opposite for KR; Serap’s Necklace is more expensive on KR. As for earrings, Fugitive Khalk’s Earring, a blue accessory, is more expensive than Narc Ear Accessory, a yellow, on KR, but that is not the case on NA/EU.

Also, popular blue accessories like Witch’s Earring and Mark of Shadow are notably cheap on KR. Unenhanced Mark of Shadow costs around 5.72 million silver on NA/EU but 2.95 on KR. It’s also similar for Witch’s Earring, the price of which goes over 11 million, but costs only 8.23 million silver on KR.

This implies Mark of Shadow and Witch’s Earring actively traded at a lower price than their maximum prices. Seeing how Witch’s Earring went over 10 million silver then came back down on KR, its maximum price wasn’t set low in the first place but the market price went down due to the market economy.

If you are thinking about buying these items before changes are made to the maximum market price in a future update, you might want to take the differences between the servers into consideration well.

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  • 0

    level 1 Lugh


    Does this price increase also affect accessories at TRI as well?

    • 0

      level 2 Meii


      The maximum market price change made on accessories is only for TET and PEN ones out of top yellow accessories. There is no difference between now and before for regular items and PRI, DUO, TRI items. Hope this helped!

  • 0

    level 1 Suyino


    Are these increases due to the market exchange or due to a patch change?

    • 0

      level 2 Meii


      The change made to the maximum market price was applied along with the latest patch update (so yes, due to a patch change). The maximum price you can list these is now higher than before.

  • 0

    level 1 IGabrant


    I think there is a mistake in "PEN Boss Weapon/Armor Maximum Price", the table says "Tet" :D
    I saw it and i though it was for TET gear, but the price was quite hard, then I read the title

    • 0

      level 3 Meii


      Thanks for pointing it out! We fixed it :)

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