“We are no longer partners” - PUBG requested an injunction of copyright infringement against Epic Games


Last January, PUBG Corporation (PUBG Corp) has requested an injunction prohibiting copyright infringement against Epic Games, the company servicing the Fortnite Battle Royale Mode.

“It is true that we have requested an injunction of prohibiting copyright infringement. It is, however, difficult to tell you right now of details and progress,” spoke one employee from PUBG Corp. Epic Games also said that there’s nothing to inform the public of regarding the lawsuit, as it is still in session.

On September 23rd of last year, Producer and Director at PUBG Corp Chang Han Kim noted the similarity of Fortnite Battle Royale Mode with the company’s own title. He expressed disappointment at the fact that the development team of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) continues to be mentioned even though they are not related to the Fortnite game mode. He also said that it was not pleasant news to have heard that Epic Games, a company partnered with PUBG Corp, released a game mode with similar features.

PUBG Corp released a number of relevant files to prove that the Fortnite Battle Royale Mode holds 11 major similarities to PUBG. The similarities include the UI style such as minimap and crosshair overlay, health regeneration system, and a maximum amount of players in one game.

Some say that this lawsuit may probably affect Fortnite’s schedule of internet cafe service in South Korea. Neowiz, the company in charge of this internet cafe service, said that they have no information to reveal in regards to the lawsuit between the two companies.

“We were not aware of the lawsuit at the time, and we are only proceeding with an agreement to provide the stable services to both Epic Games and related parties in South Korea. The current delay of internet cafe services is not related to the lawsuit in any way whatsoever. As we have said before, [our purpose] is to enhance the optimization and degree of completion,” said one Neowiz representative.

The list of similarities that Fortnite reportedly shares with PUBG

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    level 1 c_Mc

    PUBG.....the new Apple...

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    level 1 Constantin83

    You sure PUBG sent a lawsuit for Epic games? PUBG and Epic Games are owned by Tencent.
    Is like Warcraft 3 producers will send a lawsuit for World of Warcraft producers due to similarities....
    I know PUBG lost big in front of Fortnite but since they have same "parent" why they have to fight over this?

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