Community Lead and Coach voting begins for the Overwatch World Cup


Today, it was announced that the Coach and Community Lead positions for the US and Canadian Overwatch World Cup 2018 teams are officially in contention.  While Blizzard has final say on the GM spot, 3 coaches and 10 community lead spots are available for the community to vote on.

However, only a select group of players will be able to vote on the coaches. The top 150 ranked players from PC, Xbox, and PlayStation will be allowed to vote from each qualified country, ensuring that those with a fair bit of game knowledge and competitive know-how decide who coaches their country.

The community lead position is, on the other hand, open to everyone. Per Blizzard's description, the community leaders will be responsible for " rallying their community and marketing their team to the masses."


Team USA

Coach Candidates

Kyle Souder 'KyKy'
Aaron Atkins 'Aero'
David Pei 'dpei'


Community Lead Candidates

-  Tyler Winter 'ShokFanTyler'
-  John Horstmann 'kickedtripod'
-  Griffin Bennett 'Gennin'
-  Andrew Merriman 'Merry'
-  Michael Padro 'Padromi'
-  Cindy Tran 'Spuds'
-  Analynn Dang 'Analynn'
-  YoungSeo ParK 'CMZ'
-  Reba Robinson 'nyxeRebus'
-  Zack Wack 'BroYouWack'


Team Canada

Coach Candidates

-  Ronald Ly 'Renanthera'
- Justin Conroy 'Jayne'
-  Mohid Asjid 'MrBleeple'


Community Lead Candidates

-  Stephanie Yan 'IDDQT'
-  Nathan Chan 'KarQ'
-  Sam Bouchard 'Hexo'
-  Kevin Hendricks 'PhazePyre'
-  Andrea Bourget 'HeartOfRuins'
-  Alexis Tavares 'BASTET'
-  Jen Pichette 'LemonKiwi'
-  Jong Ng 'OverMeme'
-  trisha kurz 'trisha'
-  Arik A


Voting starts TODAY and ends on May 30th at 9:30 am. You can vote for your favorite on the official Overwatch World Cup page after you login to your account. Remember, you can only vote once so make it count!

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    level 1 ezk86

    Vote for Stephanie Yan - IDDQT for Team Canada Community Lead!!

    She plays a TON of Overwatch, she even has her own mid-diamond/master team. She was at Blizzcon last year and met xQc, Surefour, Mangachu.... she LOVES Overwatch and Blizzard plus she has work experience as community lead, she is an obvious choice and will represent Canada well!!

    Here's a clip she made during round one -

    You can vote for her here:

    Thanks and GO TEAM CANADA !

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