[KR Reactions] KZ vs FW: "The 3rd class is science class! How about learning science in game 4 as well!"

▲ Image source : riot games



■ Game 1  Before match & Pick Bans  


▷ Now it’s the start of the semi-finals. Calm before the storm it is. Whether KZ was mocked by Inven users or not… No one has rebutted it. Now the result will act as proof. Let’s check whether KZ sucks or not.

└ Is this a Sudden Attack 2 parody?

└ Whether they win or not, it’s going to be legendary.

└ Yo if it is a parody, doesn’t it mean that KZ will lose??

└ Come on, Sudden Attack 2 parody is just too much.

└ Why use Sudden Attack as a parody topic...

└ This is almost a curse.

└ It’s funny, but I don’t wan’t KZ to lose.

※ Notes : When the Korean FPS game Sudden Attack 2 was released, it was criticized by the fans; the staff announced that they are going to shutdown the server after 23 days.(The official shutdown happened after 85 days.) The comment is a parody about a Sudden Attack 2 staff member's SNS message that was posted 1 day before its service release.  


▷ I actually thought that it is not that interesting to see LCK teams dominating international tournaments. Well, now I’m kind of disappointed that KZ is losing a lot of games.

└ Think of your child getting beat up outside. For sure it’s an awful feeling.

└└ You’re too emotional.

└ I agree, I hope that the Korean team wins the trophy.

└ I thought that LCK teams can beat any other foreign teams except LPL teams. They do have competitive teams. But, Chinese flowing into KR server talking in a language that we can’t understand… Some trolling using pings.... That’s why I don’t want LPL teams winning the trophy.

└└ I just hope that RNG wouldn’t be the one who wins the MSI.

└└ Come on FW! Let’s win the trophy. RNG shouldn’t win!

└ It wasn’t the LCK teams dominating international events. In fact, it was just SKT and Samsung.

└└ To think of it, it really was only SKT and Samsung.

└└ Since 2015, LCK teams haven’t lost a single bo5.

└└└ Well, ROX did lose 2 games against FW in group stage bo1s.

└ I don’t care who wins. I just want to watch a quality game. Ironically, in LoL, I really don’t care about KR teams winning international games.

└ If KZ performs the same as they did in group stage… 100% KZ won’t make it to the finals. Just going to be proving that they’re weak in international tournaments.


▷ Peanut’s starting… Is it okay?

└ Peanut will probably lose 2 games, and Cuzz will sub in and win 3 consecutive games. Yo Khan, let’s put up a fight!

└ I think KZ will win after all. I’m supporting them.

└ I believe that KZ will be swept 3:0.


▷ Still, FW’s performance wasn’t that good in some of their last group stage games. They did lose 4 games.

└ They still won KZ.

└└ Yup.

└ They did win KZ when their performance wasn’t that good.

└ Probably because they were the first team to 100% advance to the semis.


▷ KZ players usually perform well when they laugh and have a good time. But, they look pressured.

└ Pressured for sure. I’ve never seen them like this.


▷ (KZ picks Irelia) Irelia finally!

└ Facts) Bdd’s Irelia win rate = 27%

└ Irelia’s face looks so huge. Mannn…

└└ It’s like she’s trying to say, “Kneel!”

└└ She’s looks more pretty than before.


▷ (After pick bans) KZ only has AD champions.

└ It seems like KZ forced FW to pick mid Taliyah. It’d be fun to see them dominating the match using this pick.

└ Only AD champs? Would it be okay? Don’t want to see blaming the pick bans.




■ Game 1 in-game comments


▷ The opponent has no tank champs, so it’s okay to go for ‘only-AD’ picks.

└ There’s Olaf, so Skarner will die easy.


▷ (Bottom First Blood) No….

└ KZ will probably lose.

└ Jungle difference

└ 3:0 ?

└ Peanut is always one second late.

└ Moojin is good for sure. When Peanut is clearing his camps, Moojin goes top and forced Jax to recall. He was only able to buy a boot. Succeeding bot gank was big as well.


▷ Is Peanut even playing in this game?

└ Playing an RPG game in his jungle.

└└ But he is already behind on CS.

└└ He’s only focusing on farming but why is he behind on CS?

└└ The criminal: Peanut...


▷ (Bottom duo using ult to kill Skarner in mid) Yes, Tahm Kench!

└ Moojin, the patriot.

└ Okay, things are going well for KZ now.


▷ (Bdd mid solo kill) Wow, Bdd!

└ Bdd so good!!!

└ Bdd is shining bright!

└ That’s a ‘real’ Irelia.

└ Irelia’s damage is good to be true. Was she that strong?

└└ This damage in not expected from a bruiser for sure.

└└└ How did he kill the full HP Taliyah?

└ Mid Irelia solo queue alert!


▷ It’s been so long...KZ gaining this amount of advantage in the MSI. Destroying bottom turret first. Dominating CS. Looks like mid CS difference is quite huge. KZ clearly has the advantage.

└ They should have performed like this in group stage.

└ KZ hiding their true power.

└ That’s why they need to pick champs that can go aggressive in lane. If not, they should at least go aggressive in mid/jungle and gain advantage. Also, bottom duo should be champs that can avoid dives. In their last match, they knew that the opponent picked Taliyah and Graves, but KZ picked Zac… The enemy dominated the game.


▷ 3 Trinity Forces in KZ

└ The real ‘Trinity Force’

└ It’s 3 Trinity Forces, so it should be ‘Nine-ity Force’.

└ Okay, this seems that they’re going to make the enemy finish in 3rd place.


▷ (The game rather quiet after destroying FW’s first turrets.)The game suddenly is loose.  

└ About to sleep.

└ Still, it’s better than their previous games.

└ Yo if your about to sleep, just go to sleep.


▷ (Skirmish near Baron) Why is PraY using his E there?

└ It’s kind of like the KT style; giving up everything to the opponent.

└ If he went behind the Baron, he would been killed by it.

└ I think he went out because he was sure that he’d land Q.

└└ I think he should have moved back outside the pit. He still would’ve been able to give good amount of damage.

└└ I think he was trying to avoid getting focused on with Khan.


▷ (KZ wins a fight near Baron) No one getting killed in KZ.

└ FNC would’ve hit Baron.

└ Remarkable kiting from Jax, Irelia and Olaf.


▷ (KZ gets Baron buff and destroys 2 inhibitors.) The game became so easy once they get Baron. They have good split push champs so they’re pushing through quickly.

└ Ezreal and Irelia should be banned next match.

└ Well, they won this game.

└ Perfect game, except when they tried Baron and got killed.


▷ PraY building the Rapid Firecannon...

└ Troll???

└ Wanting to land Q- basic attack a bit more easily?

└ Solo Queue Rapid Firecannon Ezreal: “Yo didn’t you see PraY building it?”

└ PraY : “It’s the end game.”




■ Game 2 Before match & Pick Bans


▷ I thought that FW will win this week… I guess it was just a dream.

└ Why didn’t they ban Ezreal? Well, they might have not expected Irelia, but why Ezreal? PraY wasn’t in a good shape but he still did perform well using him. They could have just let KZ pick Kai’Sa and countered by using Kog’Maw

└ I think KZ can sweep them 3:0. KZ now recovered their performance and FW doesn’t seem like the team that performed so well in group stage.

└ KZ fans, let’s not count the chickens yet. FW still can win this match. Let’s wait until the next game.


▷ What did I say. SKT did finish 4th in group stage and eventually won the trophy.

└ I’ll thank KZ. They seem that they recovered.

└ Bo5s are different after all. A totally different team.

└ But the game is so loose. They should go aggressive and secure the win.

└└ Yo, you’re going to blame them so bad when they make a mistake and lose.

└└ What tier are you? Bronze? Silver? Gold? For sure you don’t know about strategy.

└└ This is already a one-sided win.


▷ Look at Ezreal’s damage deal.

└ PraY god.

└ Double Tear Ezreal is so strong. Q-basic attack making Kai’Sa below 30% HP, disgusting.

└└ It’s because Ezreal managed to become OP in this game. If it was the opposite, Kai’Sa would have dominated the game.

└└ Kai’Sa is strong but Ezreal still has the first strike opportunity.

└└ Going to be nurfed soon.


▷ Who do you think is the MVP? I think Bdd is.

└ Yes Bdd.

└ Bdd or PraY, probably Bdd>PraY still.

└ Killing Skarner in early game and the 2 mid solo kill was huge.


▷ FW will have a hard time in their pick bans. They stole Camille from KZ, but Jax comes out. They probably didn’t expect an ‘only-AD’ pick.

└ Ezreal will be banned for sure.

└ They did win but Peanut...He did absolutely nothing besides erasing some wards.

└ They were hit hard by the mid Irelia pick.

└ They shouldn’t have banned Karma and Ryze.


▷ (After bans) Why didn’t they ban Ezreal and why ban Karma?

└ FW banning 3 Bdd picks.

└ Not banning Ezreal? Why?

└ PraY loses his dominance when he doesn’t play Ezreal. Don’t know why they’re letting him play Ez.


▷ Why does FW prefer the “Lobster-Yi” pick?

└ Isn’t it the “100% defeat” pick?

└ Not changing their pick bans…

└ If Skarner is their first pick, FW simply didn’t get it yet. He’ll be useless against Olaf and Tahm Kench.


▷ (After pick bans) The two teams’ pick bans look so bad.

└ KZ is better. Can poke using Ezreal and Zoe. FW lacks initiators. KZ has Camille, so they have the split push advantage. It’s not the best, but it looks fairly okay.


■ Game 2 in-game comments


▷ (PraY dies in bot) He still has Flash...

└ What is Peanut doing?

└└ Ezreal simply overplayed. No need to blame Jungle.

└ Moojin again with making the kill.

└└ Moojin so good.

└ Khan and Bdd is doing okay.


▷ Is it because Ezreal died? Peanut looks pressured.

└ The first Drake is Infernal. The team that gets it will eventually gain the advantage.


▷ (FW winning the fight near Drake pit) Victory for FW!

└ What is GorillA doing?

└└ Hit hard...

└└ GorillA couldn’t do anything, Swordart’s ul was unbelievable.

└└ GorillA seems like he is not in a good shape.

└ Dying one by one...It’s like a sausage.


▷ Look at Twitch comments. They’re saying “Now we see the real KZ”. So funny.

└ KZ’s reputation decreasing a lot in this MSI.

└ Game 2 is over. I’m about to suffer a mental breakdown.

└ GorillA reminds me of the 2015 Wolf; doing well in the LCK, performing so bad in the MSI.

└ Peanut is doing nothing.

└└ Use Cuzz.

└└ Let’s go for Cuzz. I think I’ll perform better than Peanut.

└└└ Don’t even think about it, Bronze.

└└└ I doubt you’ll be better.


▷ Olaf is Skarner’s counter champ. What is he doing?

└ They should have picked Tahm Kench first.

└ Olaf doing nothing.

└ How about using Lee Sin.


▷ (FW winning a teamfight) Let’s surrender and prepare for next match.

└ It was a 5 vs 4. How did the result end like this?

└ GorillA pushed Skarner, so Zoe couldn’t do anything.

└└ You saw it too? Laugh it out. They suck.

└└ Team kill.

└└ GorillA can only use Tahm Kench.


▷ (FW winning a teamfight and getting Baron) Forfeit.

└ Kills score is 11:1.

└ Currently no one is good in KZ.

└ KZ looks like they’re in a mental breakdown. They’re trying to force fights and seems to urgent. It reminds me of the win-lose-lose-lose by Afreeca Freecs in the Spring split playoffs.

└  They won game 1 because of their picks and Bdd’s individual performance..

└└ Having a good pick ban is a crucial factor you know.

▷ This is too one-sided. They’ll destroy 3 inhibitors soon.

└ Game over.

└ So, FW did a good pick ban.




■ Game 3 Before game & pick bans.


▷ The worst player in game 2.jpg

└ Jungle and GorillA

└ What is this...lol.

└ Where did you get this?


▷ Korea strong in bo5s? Let’s say that SKT and Samsung is strong in bo5s.

└  I can’t blame the Jungler. They did have advantage in top, but it was Sion, so he can simply withstand lane phase. Mid matchup was Zoe vs Vladimir so it would have been hard to gank. PraY getting killed without even using Flash. GorillA giving up the game. Look like the blame is on bot.

└└ Still people will blame the Jungler.

└└ Yo, Jungler couldn’t win over anything. CS, level, objects, ganks… Come on.


▷ The bottom duo giving up the game.

└ What?

└ GorillA was the worst. I do understand getting killed in the Drake pit, but why did he literally deliver Skarner to Zoe?

└└ Was Wolf this bad in 2015 MSI? GorillA looks like he is worse.

└└└ GorillA is worse.

└└└ Bang did well in 2015 MSI. But, right now, GorillA and PraY is so bad.


▷ You don’t know why Peanut is the blame? On game 1 he wasn’t able to perform well in game 1 using Olaf. He should have at least seek counter-ganks. He was only clearing jungle camps and focusing on vision control; he was still behind Skarner on level and CS. Also, misusing his ult. On game 2 his positioning was bad, Flashing out in every fight. If he was willing to not go aggressive in Jungle, he should have picked a different champ. Why pick Olaf? As a matter of fact, KZ lost every match when they weren’t aggressive enough. At least Peanut has Cuzz… But, no subs for GorillA!!!

└ No feedback whatsoever. They lost every match where they went too defensive.

└ If you know so much, how about performing as a pro Jungler.

└ Olaf does have the vision control role. That’s the team can prepare for Skarner’s surprise ult. But, the about the rest… I agree with you.


▷ Literally, Tahm Kench one-man team.

└ KingZone ‘Tahm Kench’ X

└ If they don’t have Tahm Kench… they lose so easily. Maple’s Vladimir and Moojin’s Skarner is so good. KZ must prepare well for the next pick bans.\

└ The commentators are talking about their poor performance. It does mean that they’re doing real bad.

└ The common thing for the ‘losing’ teams in this MSI: their Support sucks.

└ Well, some of them were good in certain games, but GorillA is just constantly bad throughout this MSI.

└ So, if KZ dominates Summer split, it does mean that the gap is closing down.

└└ Well, you got to accept it.


▷ GorillA = Real bad. PraY= bad. PraY= doing nothing. -> Isn’t this right? Oh yeah, how about the Jungler? Peanut wasn’t forced back like game 1, but he was down on level compared to Skarner. He just farmed and didn’t help out the laners. No vision control as well.

└ If it’s game 2… I totally agree.

└ On point.

└ True.

└ Jungler doing nothing = Poor performance

└ I want to hear from the players about why Peanut was down on level. Was it becasue of the laners or was he just simply bad?

└└ They started with the Razorbucks, but Olaf cleared it faster. The level difference on level 4-5 was about jungle routes; that was when it snowballed.


▷ (Pick bans) Peanut plays again? Do they want to lose the series?

└ 3 bans on Jungle lol.

└ Banning Moojin…

└ Yo, Moojin isn’t Blank. Why try to stop him using 3 ban cards?


▷ (FW’s Yasuo pick) Taiwan number 1 swordsman!

└ Yasuo is science...

└ Yasuo? Okay KZ won.

└ Yasuo plus Braum. Poking is meaningless.

└ And Lee Sin. Yasuo receiving a lot of team support.

└└ Okay, they’re going to kill at least one for sure.


▷ I have faith in Khan’s Jayce!

└ Yo, he’s against Sion.

└ Yasuo will be so strong this match.

└ I think he’ll never win Sion.


■  Game 3 in-game comments


▷ (PraY killed) Oh my.

└ PraY...

└ Okay, things are messy.

└ What is GorillA doing?


▷ (Dives in top turret and kills Hanabi) They did force it, but quite a relief that they got the kill.

└ Still, Sion has CS advantage lol.

└ It ain’t that bad because the corpse got all the CS.

└ Huge disadvantage for KZ.

└ It is not an advantage. Taliyah got the kill plus the corpse got all the SC. Yasuo and Lee Sin farming up. No ganks too.


▷ (PraY dies again in bot lane) Yo, PraY! Can you please use your Flash?!

└ Peanut is doing fine, but PraY is out of shape.

└└ You got to check on PraY’s keyboard. Where did his Flash go?

└└ Not really… The opponent is going for bot whereas KZ is simply focusing on top.

└└ He didn’t do anything.

└└ PraY= bad. Peanut doing nothing.


▷ Yasuo is farming up on CS. Jayce might get killed instantly if Yasuo becoms OP.

└ I’m going to cry...

└ Possible.

▷ (KZ get advantage using split push, but Khan dies.) I was having hope, but Khan dies.

└ When is Khan recovering his good performance. He just died out of nowhere.

└ Giving up his life to land a single Q. He didn’t even have Flash.


▷ (KZ wins teamfight) YES!!!

└ Bdd!!!!

└ The young Bdd carrying this team.

└ This is the skirmish that KZ did well in LCK.

└ Bdd = 3 players. He did so good in that last teamfight.

└ They are doing well, but I’m not too sure yet.


▷ (KZ securing Baron) What did I say. Yasuo is SCIENCE.

└ During the past 5 years, Maple won 6 games and lost 8 using Yasuo. He isn’t that good.

└ It’s still a mess. They weren’t able to land their skills. Such a relief that they got the Baron.


▷ (Yasuo getting killed trying to bother an enemy recall.) Yasuo lol.

└ (Defeat's) Science once again.

└ Jayce still helped to destroy the inhibitor. Yasuo is simply science.

└ Yasuo did what Yasuo does best. I’m not sure where his confidence came from. They were recalling but it still was a 4 vs 1.


▷ (FW wins a fight in mid) PraY had his Flahs and E. Why did he get killed?

└ Kai’Sa is so OP.

└ Why is PraY falling back in fights?

└└ Cause he dies if he’s positioned in front.


▷ (Bdd Taliyah perfoming well. KZ goes for the Nexus) The 3rd class is Science! Well these days sometimes they have consecutive Science classes, so let’s learn science in game 4 as well.

└ If it wasn’t for Bdd… things might have gone real bad.

└ Bdd did everything.

└ The answer is Bdd.

└ This game was about the huge mid difference.




■ Game 4 Before match & pick bans


▷ The series is quite competitive. It is fun.

└ KZ isn’t in their best shape… So the games are so intense, which makes the result highly dramatic.

└ They should use the popular picks. Last game was a great example of why they lose if they pick Lee Sin and Yasuo. Them two did nothing at all.


▷ Don’t make Taliyah pick Bdd.

└ Agree.

└ I was about to doubt him. But you know he was “the Bdd”.

└ Kind of similar to last year’s MSI. When SKT had a hard time, Faker stood up and carried the team. This time it’s Bdd.

└ In fact, the MVP is Yasuo.

└└ Agree.

└└ I don’t know why they picked Yasuo. KZ focused on top. FW focused on bot. It was Ezreal so they were able to withstand. If it was another ADC, the bottom snowball would have been severe. Ezreal was the key pick. Khan was rather quiet. Cancelling Sion’s ult wth Trundle’s E was huge. Well, shouldn’t they ban Betty’s Kai’Sa?


▷ Mr. Yasuo’s science class

└ So this is Newton’s law of universal gravity?

└ Forfeit!

└ "I see a minion. Let’s ride through it first and think about things later!"


└ Bronze doesn’t even do this.


▷ 21 wins in 22 games. What is up with Bdd’s Taliyah? 95.5% win rate. MANNNNN.

└ Check if he is human.

└ This is what I call a signature pick.

└ Look at the KDA… 19.8.

└ Look at Taliyah’s skin.


▷ (pick bans start) FW seems pressured.

└ Why is FW banning Karma?

└ KZ again banning Moojin. FW banning  Bdd.

└ FW is going for the Xayah and Rakan duo.

└└ They seem quite strong tho.


▷ They finally ban Khan’s Jayce. He wasn’t that good, but his Q-E landed on FW’s main dealers.

└ Some clutch from Khan.

└ Khan using Cho’Gath? It ain’t it...

└└ No fun. It isn’t bad, but Khan isn’t good with Cho’Gath.


■ Game 4 in-game comments


▷ How about another pick? Khan isn’t that good using tank champs.

└ Isn’t Khan good with Cho’Gath?

└ The pick itself is actually good. He sometimes did show a good performance using Cho’Gath as well.

└ It’ll be fine. There’s Taliyah.

└ Khan isn’t bad with tanks. He is just good with only a few of them. He is a good Cho’Gath, Gragas, Javan, Ornn user. Well, of course he is better off with a aggressive damage deal champ. Still, in this game, picking a tank champion makes sense.

└└ If a pro can’t use a lot of champs, that means that he’s bad.


▷ (KZ’s early counter jungle.) Now they know how to beat FW; make Moojin suffer early.\

└ If it was Zac, he wouldn’t have got the Red buff. Such a relief that he used Olaf.

└ 3 bans on Jungle and the early counter jungle. I think he would want to just quit. Cuzz was suffered from the same strategy. How would it be for Moojin?


▷ (PraY’s First Blood using his ult.) What? PraY with a First Blood?

└ Alright! Early game seems okay for KZ.

└ This match is so good compared to other games. Man, this might end 3:1.

└ Mount Targon Olaf…


▷ Wow, Olaf suffered so much.

└ Why is Peanut not leveling up?

└ Too much crabs perhaps?

└ Moojin just got a lot of EXP in lane.


▷ (FW catches up winning a teamfight in Top) Bdd is so good but look at Vladimir’s ult and Gallio’s skill combination.

└ Maple’s is so good.

└ If it wasn’t for Galio, FW would have lost the fight.


▷ (Khan solo kills Vladimir) Whoa…. Khan!

└ Now things are different.

└ Cho’Gath having supper.

└ Khan wasn’t bad using tank champs after all. Solo-killing Vladimir..

└└ He’s pretty good with Cho’Gath.

└└ He’s bad with tank champs so he uses a tank as a damage deal champion.


▷ (KZ winning teamfight near mid) Khan!!!!!

└ Khan had to stand up for KZ!

└ Khan is back!

└ Finals!

└ I am truly sorry that I’ve said Khan can’t use Cho’Gath well.

└ Cho’Gath feeding on Xayah.

└ A Cho’Gath Assassin. He has certainly misunderstood the champion.


▷FW good on bo1. And LCK beasts on bo5s.

└ It needs to be fair.

└ FW stuck on the semi finals forever.


▷ Why didn’t they ban PraY’s Ezreal? His performance is determined whether he uses Ez or not.

└ Because they won game 2 probably?

└ Well, I actually think we won’t be able to see Bdd’s Taliyah for the rest of this MSI. RNG will definitely ban her.

└ The 4 bans on jungle hit Moojin hard. Maple and Betty is doing well… But, once Moojin is out of power, the team starts to collapse.

└└ So, all of their power came from Moojin...

└ If Kz wins, LMS is now stuck on 4 consecutive semi-finals. Is this science?


▷ Cho’Gath is so huge.

└ A walking Baron.

└ Over 4000 HP.

└ Now, who’s the real Baron?

└ So big!

└ He’s going to suffer arthritis lol.



■ After match comments


▷ The last game was for sure the ‘LCK’ version of KZ. They were so good! Let’s win the trophy tomorrow!

└ LCK different in bo5s.

└ FW just can’t stand bo5s.


▷ LCK’s last defeat in bo5s increases to 1105 days. History!

└ Their last defeat on 2015 MSI?

└└ It was probably SKT vs EDG. Korean teams only lost against another Korean team since then. The gap did close, but still...

└ WOW.

└ Almost 4 years.

└ Almost unbeatable in bo5s.

└ If I was in a another region, I would be so afraid to go against LCK teams.

└ The kings of bo5s. The LCK!


▷ SKT was a bad team after all. ⅓ of LCK’s defeat against foreign teams are from them. 냐?

└ What?

└ You’re going too far.

└ CJ Frost, CJ Entus, SKT -> Only these 3 teams lost in bo5s.


└ So it goes to this...

└ SKT is the blame lol.


▷ Well, Moojin was a beast. The last match he was down 2 levels against Peanut, but he suddenly caught up. He did get 2 Blue buffs...Still he is remarkable.

└ Like the commentators said, it’s because he farmed up on lane CS, resulting to a level difference for laners.

└ I’d love to watch Moojin perform in LCK.

└ He did his best, but it was too late.


▷ Taliyah should be banned against KZ. You either steal the pick or ban. Bdd gets good use of her lane push ability and roaming advantage. Let him use another champ, just not Taliyah.

└ Bdd’s Taliyah is a piece of art.

└ Some players make good use of her roaming ability, but Bdd is the number 1 on using her ult and teamfight damage deal.


▷ ??? : This guy is good...

└ Chiang Kai-shek : “Máo Zédōng, you guys should prepare well.”

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