BDO KR Patch Notes May 17th: CC Effect Change Applied & Baby Dragon Pet & World Boss Changes



Limited Sale: Shakatu’s Treasure House event has begun.
  -  From May 17th to June 7th
  -  Shakatu’s Luxury Box and Shakatu’s Rarity Box will be available in the Pearl Shop! (50 mil silver and 10 mil silver, respectively)
  -  You can only purchase the boxes in large cities (Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, Grana, and Duvencrune)

Black Spirit’s Gift event has begun.
  -  From May 18th 00:00 to May 31st
  -  Get a reward every hour for 5 hours in total. You will get Shakatu’s Luxury/Rarity Boxes on holidays and weekends!

Love and Thanks Festival: EXP Boost hours event has begun.
  -  From May 21st 20:00 to May 31st 2:00
  -  You will get an additional 200% combat exp boost and 30% skill exp boost during the exp boost hours. (Except for the teenage server and Olvia server)


Only the first hit of a skill will now apply CC effects (Knockdown, Floating, Bound, Knockback, Stiffness, Stun, Freeze). These effects will not be influenced by evasion.
  -  Until now it was inevitable that no matter how high your CC effect stats were you felt that they were not as effective as they should be. This was because CC effects were being repeatedly triggered for every hit from an attack skill. For example, if your Knockdown Resistance was 60%, and your enemy lands five successful hits, it meant your Evasion failed every time; the effective resistance could fall as low as 7.7%. On the other hand, all Grapple skills had CC effects only applied once, at the first hit. Therefore, Grapple Resistance was applied as you would expect. This was a reason why there was a gap between those who played classes with mainly Grapple skills and those who didn't.
In the current system, if a character successfully evades an attack, then all damage related to CC effects will not be applied. Therefore, back when high accuracy was harder to get, if you had high evasion you could move around freely almost as if it was a bug, even when battling many opponents at once. To mitigate this situation, we have made all CC effects visualized for each hit individually and have reduced the resistance chances. Therefore, when you are the attacker you should get clear feedback on the attacks, which should have a positive effect on improving the impact feel of the game.
  -  Even if the existing rules of evasion stats remain the same, as we have explained earlier, we predict that the efficiency will increase. Therefore, we are looking to change the rules of evasion. From now on, attack damage will only be affected by evasion stats, and CC effects will only be affected by CC resistance effects. That is, when a target is dealt a blow, both damage and CC may be applied, only damage or CC may be applied, or neither damage nor CC may be applied. For those of you who worked to increase both CC resistance and evasion, we predict that you won't feel a big difference from before.
  -  In addition, now when something is hit by a CC effect and additional attack effect (e.g. Down Smash) of the same skill, only one effect suitable for that situation will be applied. For example, when using Warrior’s Ground Smash on a standing enemy, the Bound effect will be applied, but not Down Smash. If the enemy is down on the ground, Down Smash will be applied, not Bound and the word “Immune” will appear on the screen.

The distance a character moves when hit by Knockdown or Knockback has been reduced.
There have been instances where, depending on internet connection, there was a discrepancy in how the game server and client registered the location of characters. This was especially noticeable when a character was hit by knockdown or knockback and got up rapidly. We have confirmed that if we reduced the distance the character moves in these situations, the fluidity of movement greatly improved.

Last week, all classes had defense effects (Forward Guard, Super Armor, Invincible) removed from some of their skills. It has become harder for melee classes to get through the attacks of ranged classes. To mitigate this issue, we have changed the defense effects or CC effects of some ranged attack skills and movement Main skills. Also, some skills that greatly influence large-scale PvP have been adjusted.

Fixed the issue where damage was not being applied properly for a specific period of time after Stiffness and Knockback motions.

Fixed the issue where HP was not recovered properly upon using Instant HP Potion when immobilized from CC attacks.

 [Upcoming Changes]

The AP of all summoned beings will be increased. This is to bring back relevance for summoned beings after all the class specs were increased in general and summoned beings became relatively weaker.

Currently, the duration and damage of Black Spirit skills are different per class. To reduce the influence of the difference in such skills’ efficiency that affected class balance, we plan to adjust the damage of Black Spirit skills. In the process, some classes’ PvP damage will be lowered to some extent. Together with that change, the rules for gaining Black Spirit's Rage will be changed.
  -  Currently, every time you are attacked there will be a 50% chance of gaining 1%. You will also get 1% for each enemy defeated. We are planning a new change which will make accumulating Black Spirit’s Rage slower, but in return, the skill will be applied with a special defense effect which will make your character gain the upper hand even when you are attacked with CC skills. We will be giving further details in future announcements.

On the May 10th balance patch, the defense effects of certain skills were removed. In response, many adventurers felt that this meant that PvP battles would end too fast. Therefore, in order to prolong PvP battles so you have more time to enjoy them, we plan to reduce the PVP damage of all classes by an identical rate.

We are planning to add a new Black Spirit's Rage Absorption (Common) skill. The existing Black Spirit's Rage Absorption skill will be maintained as each classes’ unique skill. The new Rage Absorption (Common) skill will increase AP and Attack/Casting Speed. You can chose which Rage Absorption skill you want in the Skill window (K) and lock the one you do not want to use. If you do not chose, the new Rage Absorption (Common) will be used by default.

After internal testing, we have decided that implementing the rule “One skill cannot have both a CC effect (Stiffness, Stun, Knockdown, etc.) and defense effect (Front Guard, Super Armor, Invincible) simultaneously" should be put on hold. This was because we have decided that this would make the game significantly harder. We will continue to test and brainstorm to bring you all a set of combat rules that will be enjoyable for you.

We want to extend our thanks to all adventurers who have stood by us in the past 4 weeks of changes made to Black Desert Online. We will endeavor to create a much more enjoyable Black Desert Online and starting next week, we will focus on polishing each class in a more sequential manner to elaborate on the class balance in detail.


Head Chase will now consume Stamina.
  -  Head Chase I: 200
  -  Head Chase II: 200
  -  Head Chase III: 150

Frenzied Spear will not have Forward Guard anymore.


Wind Step will now consume 100 Stamina.

Stamina consumption of Evasive Shot has changed.


Fixed the issue where Evasive Shot would not be activated upon using the skill Razor Wind if Ultimate: Evasive Shot was learned, and Evasive Shot will also be activated faster now.

The Super Armor effect for the skill Roaring Arrow has been removed.

The Invincible effect has been changed to a Super Armor effect for the skill Flow: Call from Sky.

Fixed the issue where the skill Blasting Gust would be activated after a successful hit of Pinpoint or Dash Kick even when Flow: Pinpointing Gust I and Flow: Pinpointing Gust II were not learned.

The Super Armor effect for all levels of the skill Blasting Gust has been removed.

A Damage Reduction effect has been added to the cooldown of the skill Absolute: Blasting Gust.

Description of the skill Ultimate: Blasting Gust has been edited.
  -  Knockdown on a good hit (Effect nullified during cooldown) → Knockdown on a good last hit (Effect nullified during cooldown)

The Damage reduction effect in PvE and PvP will be applied during cooldown of the skills Will of the Wind (A/D + F) I ~ V activated with Ultimate: Evasive Shot.

The Damage reduction effect in PvE only will be applied during cooldown of the skill Absolute: Will of the Wind (A/D + F) activated with Ultimate: Evasive Shot.

Forward Guard effects for the skills Extreme: Charging Wind, Ultimate: Charging Wind, and Absolute: Charging Wind have been removed.


Stamina will no longer recover when the skill Nightmare is in effect.

Stiffness effect will now be applied when the skill Dream of Doom is used instantly upon learning the skill Imminent Doom.

The Knockdown effect will now only be applied in PvE for the skill Abyssal Blow.

The Invincible effect has been changed to Super Armor for the skill Storming Crow.

Stamina will no longer be recovered during the skill Darkness Released.


The following has changed for the skill Shake Off.
  -  The Invincible effect has changed to Super Armor.
  -  Moving distance has increased when skill level goes up even in Iron Buster mode.

The Knockdown effect will only be applied in PvE now for the skill Flow: Shooting Mobility.

The skill Ground Lifting will now activate at the same speed, not depending on the moving distance, after using the skill Lava Piercer.


The skill Rain Curtain will now be auto-activated when attacked while moving backwards in Celestial Bo Staff mode.

Fixed the issue where the Tamer could only use combo attacks after Surging Tide when she has learned Summon Heilang II or above.


PvP damage has decreased by 6.6%.

Promptness will consume 200 Stamina.

Stamina will no longer be recovered during the skill animation of Promptness.

Death Line Chase will consume 150 Stamina instead of SP.

The cooldown of Celestial Cry has increased from 40 seconds to 60 seconds.

Super Armor has been removed from Celestial Spear and Celestial Smite.

The cooldown of Elion’s Blessing has increased from 150 seconds to 240 seconds.

[Musa & Maehwa]

The Musa/Maehwa will consume 100 Stamina instead of 50 when the skill Chase is used during cooldown.


Fixed the issue where the following description was left out from Spinner

Floating effect not applied when the skill is used during cooldown.


The Invincible effect has been changed to Forward Guard for the skills Blooming Stride and Blooming Step.

The Invincible effect has been changed to Super Armor for the skill Sleet Steps.

[Witch & Wizard]

For the skill Blizzard, damage will be distributed among the targets if the skill is inflicted on more than 2 targets (PvP only).

Only one Spellbound Heart can be summoned at a time.

The cooldown of Spellbound Heart has decreased to 60 seconds.

PvP damage of Absolute: Blizzard has decreased by 11%.

Super Armor has been removed from Sage’s Light.

The Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Casting Speed reduction effect will be applied at longer intervals for the skill Blizzard.

The debuff effect which used to be applied for each hit will only be applied when a certain motion effect during the skill is occuring.

The cooldown of Protected Area has increased.


When two or more characters are hit by Detonative Flow, the damage will decrease by 5% per target and the damage can be reduced up to 70% (PvP only).

Fissure Wave will float enemies only in PvE.


When two or more characters are hit by Water Sphere and Flow: Aqua Bomb, the damage will decrease by 5% per target and the damage can be reduced up to 70% (PvP only).

[Kunoichi and Ninja]

Ghost Step I, II, and III will consume 200 Stamina.

Only the Floating effect will be applied when using Ninjutsu: Block Jump in a combo using the left directional key.

Fixed the issue where the Attack Speed +5% boost for 10 sec. for the skill Absolute: Ghost Greeting was not being applied properly.


Fixed the issue where Stiffness effects were not applied properly when using Murderous Intent.

Skill description of Seamless has been corrected.
  -  Bound on good hits > Bound on good 1st hit

The following sentence has been added to Flow: Fatal Blow Combo. 
  -  All effects and damage from Fatal Blow will be applied.

[Dark Knight]

The Bound effect of Shadow Strike will only be applied in PvE now.

“Stiffness on good 1st hit” has been removed from the skill Unveiled Fate.

The Floating effect has been changed to Stiffness for the skill Seed of Catastrophe.

[Striker & Mystic]

Super Armor has been added to Double Flash.

The Invincible effect has hanged to Super Armor when the following skills are used with Martial Spirit Shards: Flash Step, Silent Step.

Fixed the graphical glitch where outfits would pierce through the Striker’s/Mystic’s legs during certain animations.


Fixed the issue where the target hit by a successful Grapple hit from the skill Massive Suppression could stand right back up.

Forward Guard has been added to Ferocious Assault, and Bound will only be applied in PvE.

Super Armor has been removed from Rising Wolf Fang and Stiffness will be applied in PvP.

Forward Guard has been removed from Knee Hammer.

Fixed the issue where the look of a regular helmet was visible when wearing theawwww Serendia Soldier outfit.


Forward Guard has been removed from Elbow Edge.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Rakshande costume.


When the skill Piercing Heart (awakening skill, LMB+RMB) pulls a targets, Bound will not be applied in PvP.

Super Armor and Forward Guard have been removed from Lahn’s Level 56 Rabam skills (both).

Forward Guard has been removed from Blooming Earthen Flower (pre-awakening skill, LMB+RMB).


Fixed an issue where you could not leave your guild when you have Karnak Fall Water, which is an item necessary for Drieghan main story quests.

A description regarding associated quests has been added to the item description of Garmoth’s horn.

You can now Shake Magical Seed/Hypha and Mysterious Seed together to get Mysterious Seed/Hypha.
  -  A description regarding this feature has been added to the item description of Mysterious Seed.

A description regarding 100% enhancement has been added to the item descriptions of General’s

Accessories and Fierce Fighting Spirit Stones.

A description regarding the horse’s tier has been added to the item description of the horse license you get from Achievement - Level 40.


In order to make more more improvements, the 1vs1 leader fight system in Conquest War has been postponed to May 26th.

Certain areas near Calpheon castle and Valencia castle changed to 1vs1 leader fight areas, so Forts and Command Posts cannot be built within the area.

Fixed the issue where some characters in the Node War area were not teleported to the Forts that their guilds built.

Fixed the issue where Medical Kit was active during Node/Conquest Wars.

Fixed the issue where extra large guilds were unable to hand out guild bonuses.
  -  Fixed the issue where tax was not collected automatically in certain territories. (The tax money will be sent to each guild after the maintenance.)

New Pet, Young Red Dragon, has been added.
  -  Young Red Dragon is obtainable by turning in Garmoth’s Horn (lootable from World Boss Garmoth) to NPC Garison in Duvencrune.

When you turn in Garmoth’s Horn, you will get one of the following items (random):
Young Red Dragon: Desert Disease Resistance
Young Red Dragon: Detect Hostile Adventurers
Young Red Dragon: Auto-Fishing Time decrease
Young Red Dragon: Aggravate Monsters
Young Red Dragon: Detect Elite Monsters
  -  You can register the Young Red Dragon by right clicking on it (same way as you register a regular pet).
  -  Young Red Dragon can be registered at the Marketplace (Max price: 0.3 bil / Min Price: 0.1 bil).
  -  You can only summon one Young Red Dragon at a time.
  -  Young Red Dragon will be Tier 1 when you first obtain it. You can increase its tier by exchanging it with other Young Red Dragons that you obtain later.
  -  Young Red Dragon will increase max HP. (25/50/75/100)
  -  You cannot exchange Young Red Dragon with Wizard Gosphy.


Fixed the issue where the Grapple skill could not be used on certain monsters.

The following Bosses will now appear at a fixed time period.

The drop rate for rare items when killing the World Boss has been increased to double.

The following World Bosses have been changed so that all players who participate in the raid can receive rewards.
  -  Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption
  -  Nouver
  -  Karanda
  -  Ancient Kutum
  - Mirumok Destroyer Offin
  -  Garmoth

You can now obtain drops even when the World bosses despawn.
  -  However, only the players who inflicted over a certain amount of damage to the Boss can obtain items.

Nouver will now spawn right after the world notification appears.

Mirumok Destroyer Offin will now wake up right after the world notification appears.

Mirumok Destroyer Offin will despawn when not killed within 15 minutes after its spawn.

The time Mirumok Destroyer Offin becomes enraged has been changed from 15 to 10 minutes after its spawn.

The health has been reduced by 50% and defense by 20 for Mirumok Destroyer Offin, Watcher Offin Tett, and the Root of Offin.

Offin Tett’s barrier span has been reduced by 60%.

The health for the following World Bosses has been reduced.
  -  Quint, Muraka: Health reduced by 40%
  -  Garmoth: Health reduced by 30%
  -  Garmoth of Fury & Enchantment Statue: Health reduced by 50%

Changed the number of Mutant Enhancers you can obtain when killing Quint from 1~5 to 7~20.

5 Hunter’s Seals have been added to the obtainable rewards when killing the following Field Bosses.
  -  Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Dim Tree Spirit, Giant Mudster

Garmoth, the World Boss, will now despawn when not killed within 15 minutes after its spawn.

Increased the drop rate by 30 times for the following items dropped by Garmoth.
  -  Horn of Garmoth
  -  Heart of Garmoth

You now have a low chance of obtaining Caphras Stone Bundle when killing Garmoth.
  -  You can obtain from 50 to a maximum 100 Caphras Stones when opening the Caphras Stone Bundle.

CC effects won’t be applied in some of the attacks made by the following monsters.
  -  Helm Golem
  -  Cadry Chief Gatekeeper
  -  Desert Fogan Chief Gatekeeper
  -  Desert Naga Chief Gatekeeper
  -  Crescent Chief Gatekeeper
  -  Laytenn
  -  Cadry Commander
  -  Shadow of Gahaz
  -  Centaurus
  -  Aakman Elite Watcher
  -  Mirumok
  -  Old Mirumok
  -  Degraded Old Tree Treant
  -  Degraded Ruins Tree Treant
  -  Voraro
  -  Manshaum Priest
  -  Manshaum Great Warrior
  -  Manshaum Fighter
  -  Belladona Elephant
  -  Baby Belladona Elephant
  -  Griffon
  -  King Griffon
  -  Black Leopard
  -  Phnyl
  -  Gyfin Rhasia Flamen
  -  Gyfin Rhasia Crusher

You will now get the Stiff effect when hit by Aakman Illusion Trap.

New Field Boss, Katsuvariak, has been added.
  -  Katsuvariak will spawn on the Northern hills to Tshira Ruins in Drieghan.
  -  Katsuvariak will randomly spawn within or over 10 servers (It will not spawn in Olvia, Arsha, and Patrigio servers).
  -  It will despawn if there hasn’t been any comba fort over 2 hours after its spawn.
  -  You can obtain a variety of loot including Eye of Ruins ring and the 3 types of Set Magic Crystals upon successful raids.

The number of monsters in the Mirumok Ruins has been increased and the placement of some monsters has been changed.

You can now obtain Asula’s Crimson Eye accessories enhanced up to maximum of DUO (II) in some grinding areas of Mediah.
  -  Elric Shrine, Helms Post, Abandoned Iron Mine

The ‘It’s Raining Enhancements’ Drop Event will be now available all the time.
  -  However, the drop rate of enhanced equipment and items have been reduced by 50% compared to its previous drop rate during the event.

Changed the summoning location so that the location of the summoned treasure chest and item drops won’t be hidden by grass or geography when using [Event] Repaired Afuaru’s Map.

Fixed the issue where the summoned creatures could attack the Desert Trader’s League NPC even when the Forced PvP option is disabled.

Fixed the issue where the movements of Goblin Fighter and Goblin Thrower near Ehwaz Hill appeared awkward.

[Quest, Knowledge]

The quest reward has been improved so that you can obtain more Peridot Leaves from daily quests in Kamasylvia.
  -  [Repeat] Supplying Acher Gear: 0 → 8
  -  [Repeat] New Cleaning Tool: 0 → 8
  -  [Repeat] Forest Ronaros Feather : 0 → 10
  -  [Repeat] Using Spirit Stone Fragment: 0→ 5
  -  [Repeat] Raging Guardian of the Forest: 0→ 20
  -  [Repeat] Stubborn Fadus : 0 → 5
  -  [Repeat] Defeat the Boss : 0→ 10
  -  [Repeat] Full-Scale War : 0 → 15
  -  [Repeat] Nutritious Meal for the Wounded: 0→ 5
  -  [Repeat] Evidence of Someone: 0 → 3
  -  [Repeat] Bold Investment: 5 → 10
  -  [Repeat] Good Old Friends: 10 → 13
  -  [Repeat] Arnatte’s Melody: 0 → 3
  -  [Repeat] Even the Smallest of Life: 0→ 3
  -  [Repeat] A Tune for Spirit: 0 → 3
  -  [Repeat] Meet the Deadline: 0→ 5
  -  [Repeat] Master of Acting : 0 → 5
  -  [Repeat] Carrot Delivery: 0 → 5
  -  [Repeat] Elixir of Relaxation: 0 → 5
  -  [Repeat] Eat. Drink. Fly : 0 → 5
  -  [Repeat] Delights of the Lake: 0 → 5
  -  [Repeat] Patience is a Virtue : 0 → 5

The titles of the recommended quests in the Accepted Quests list have been changed to be more direct.
  -  The quest titles now directly show the quest rewards.The Contribution Point cap on daily quest requirements in the Capital of Valencia has been removed.

A new quest from which you can obtain a new pet has been added.
  -  If you visit Garrison NPC with Garmoth Horn in your inventory after defeating Gamoth, the World Boss, you can accept the ‘[Repeat] Burning Legacy’.

You can now find the Node for Shady Tree Forest by talking to the Node Manager of the Shady Tree Forest in case you cannot obtain the Node in the proper way.

Morco will now exchange Gold Keys through quests, not by talking.
  -  You can accept the quest only when you have more than 1 Silver Key in your inventory.

[Gameworld, NPC & Effects]

The name of the NPC Store in Duvencrune has been changed to Garrison, and his basic lines have been changed.

Fixed the issue where the name of the area would appear as the Duvencrune Castle in the minimap when located near the inaccessible area near the Duvencrune Mountains.


Fixed the issue where the number of the items in the storage list in other areas appeared as 0 when opening the storage after interacting with the Storage Manager.


The sound effect that is played when the UI works has been added and improved.

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  • 6

    level 1 AnarchyInUK

    Fire your chief marketing officer. He's stupid, greedy and short-sighted.

  • 6

    level 1 Tash

    RIP BDO. Greed, PtW, and stupid decisions.
  • 1

    level 1 Phartona

    Most of these boss changes are really nice. Especially that quint can drop 7-20 muntant enhancers now and I can't wait for driegan to get the dragon pet.

  • 0

    level 1 NakedToast

    Have fun KR :^)

  • -4

    level 1 beatnikhero

    baby dragon looks good; changes seem nice too

  • -5

    level 1 Suyino

    Looks like PA is stepping up their balancing and content game, can't wait to see the new class specific balances

  • 6

    level 1 Tash

    RIP BDO. Greed, PtW, and stupid decisions.
  • 2

    level 1 Hung_Le


    The Invincible effect has been changed to Forward Guard for the skills Blooming Stride and Blooming Step.

    The Invincible effect has been changed to Super Armor for the skill Sleet Steps.

    WTF PA has done ......... very stupid decision

  • 2

    level 1 Notloc

    RIP game.

  • 6

    level 1 AnarchyInUK

    Fire your chief marketing officer. He's stupid, greedy and short-sighted.

  • 2

    level 1 coolflare

    These patches have made the game unenjoyable for me, and killed Valkyrie for anyone who enjoyed her gameplay style. I'm disappointed in the direction this game is going, and wouldn't be surprised if it loses quite a few players.

  • -2

    level 1 Stw21

    As per usual the whiney NA/EU community jumping to conclusions before they happen, this is KR and they don't even follow the same model, why not complain when and if they actually happen
  • 2

    level 1 Grootu

    These changes to classes/skills were applied to EU/NA on 16th May patch.

    As per usual the whiney NA/EU community jumping to conclusions before they happen, this is KR and they don't even follow the same model, why not complain when and if they actually happen Stw21- 2018-05-18 06:49:48
  • 0

    level 1 Rizzly

    Increased the drop rate by 30 times for the following items dropped by Garmoth.
    - Horn of Garmoth
    - Heart of Garmoth

    I wonder how rare it is now to get the dragon? And how were the droprates before? Can't wait for Drieghan to come in EU...

  • -4

    level 1 Denive


  • 0

    level 1 Xevian

    I like pets
  • 0

    level 1 LumiNotOP

    cute dragon

  • 0

    level 1 Dracken_Darck


    - Shakatu’s Luxury Box and Shakatu’s Rarity Box will be available in the Pearl Shop! (50 mil silver and 10 mil silver, respectively) ""

    @Inven team, that can't be correct, you don't pay silver in the pearl shop.

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      PA made an exception for this event :) You can use the silver in your storage to purchase the boxes.

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      Oh and it says sold out because you can only buy one box per day and I already bought mine today xD

  • 0

    level 1 Khaellyn_BDO

    Its sad that instead of fortifying all classes, they nerf them, its bad move, and its normal human need to feel power in game , not weakness. They could have buffed all classes for balancing , not destroy them....

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