Photos of High Quality Cosplays at PlayX4 Where You Could Meet Your Favorite Game Characters


PlayX4 was held just this last weekend. The event featured a wide variety of content such as online, mobile, console, arcade, and excergames in over 1,100 booths from 650 companies. Many gamers were kept busy with so many fun things to enjoy!

Amidst all the games though, it was the amazing pro cosplayers and their cosplays that got the most attention. Despite the blazing heat, these cosplayers kept their cool, holding their smiles and poses steady for every phone and camera photo. Here are the photos we took of them!

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▲ The opening ceremony was the only chance to take a group photo of the cosplayers.
▲ Rev from RZ Cos dressed up as a Witch from Black Desert Mobile.
▲ Zrin dressed up as a Ranger.
▲ They looked even more amazing at the BDM booth. 
▲ The cute Black Spirit.
▲ TTcle in front of the FINCON booth. Inside there were...
▲ Spiral Cats giving out their signatures!
▲ They'd sign their signatures
▲ and even handshake with their fans
▲ and also take selfies on fans's phones for them.
▲ Maruemong, a streamer & cosplayer
▲ There were also visitors cosplaying at the event.
▲ PUBG cosplays caught eyes of many fans due to their high quality and passion.
▲ Lunabero & Choyeol from Team CSL
▲ Aza and Neo-eul from A.Crown infront of the NGELGAMES booth.
▲On the 2nd day, Aza returned with the enhanced version.
▲ Doremi from Spiral Cats posing for her fans.
▲ Tasha from Spiral Cats looking amazing as ever.

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