KZ Peanut: "My English is not good but better than last year. Next year my English will be better and I'll try to do more interviews in English."


After Kingzone’s games at day 4 of the MSI Group Stages, Peanut took the time to talk about Kingzone’s problems at MSI and their good performance against Evos to close out their day.

DrPuppet - How you doing Peanut?

Peanut - I'm good.

What happened today(Day 4) against RNG?

Actually we got an early advantage but afterward, the problem was with the teleport. We used our teleport and Ornn didn't. So we couldn't take a good fight in bot lane because Ornn had teleport and we didn't.

We simply paid too much attention to it and couldn't find good fights.

Was MLXG a problem for you on his Lee Sin?

It went well in the early game and there weren't any problems.

However Uzi's Kai'sa was a big problem. Not only did the Kai'sa got fed and strong in that game, but the team also knew how to play around it. What do you say did RNG right playing around the Kai'sa or what would you say were Kingzone's problems playing against it?

I think Kai'sa needs items to be strong and would have to force plays on her before she gets to her items. As I mentioned before we respected too much Letme's teleport on Ornn that we Uzi’s Kai’sa grow.

So would you say Kingzone played too defensive in that sense? Since you didn't pressure her enough but also didn't force plays on bot lane?

Yes indeed, during the games I think we were too defensive. After we watched the game and talked about it, I think we could have been more aggressively and that would have been okay.

Watching the game it felt that there were two major situations where you not only lost important objectives but also started falling apart as a team. The first one was when PraY got picked off and you lost the first mid lane turret, the second one was where you tried to catch Ornn in the bot lane around 24 minutes. What happened there, were those a miscommunication?

Those issues were more due to rotation and macro gaming mistakes.

What happened in mid was just an individual mistake, but what happened in the bot lane is we didn't have any vision around the nash but we really wanted to take this bot.

So our overall mistake comes from mistakes in our macro game. We should have had vision around the nashor.

So in the EVOS match you seemed more comfortable as a team and did fewer mistakes in the mid-game. Did you learn from those mistakes from the match against RNG or were you simply just more comfortable?

Of course, there was some feedback after this game but as well we had a better team fight composition, which we didn't have in the first game against EVOS. That's why we fought a lot against EVOS. That's why we did well.

So would say Kingzone is better at playing around team fights rather than playing around the side  lanes this tournament?

I think both are really important so we'll keep going and improve at playing both.

Any message to your international fans?

My English is not good but better than last year. Next year my English will be better and I'll try to do more interviews in English. (Peanut actually said this in English.)

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