[KR Reactions] MSI Group Stage Day 3 - "FW are not just a 'Korean killer'. They are now a 'World-wide killer'!"

▲ source : riotgames


■ Game1 RNG vs Team Liquid


▷ Nocturne knocked out in 2 hits!

└ Nocturne <<<< Super Minion

└ I’m going to play Essence Reaver Caitlyn right away.

└ Caitlyn dealing 2929 AD in one hit? Can’t believe it.

▷ Again, Rekkles… He is going to be re-evaluated.

└ Yesterday he was evaluated as a remarkable player. Today probably a poor League ADC compared to yesterday.

└ I’m going to cry for Uzi.

└ Breaking news) China finally invents an artificial Sun. Uzi is already above 6000 degrees Celsius.

└ I was wishing DoubleLift to carry a game at least once. Come on! Let’s go!

└└ Caitlyn is already playing a different game right now. Every opponent is melting down in front of her.


▷The always fun and interesting NA <<< China hiding their real powers.

└ Uzi’s ratings are decreasing significantly.

└ ??? : Uzi should be on a more higher tier.


▷ Re-evaluation.jpg

└ Yo the last game wasn’t Uzi’s fault. Oh wait, DoubleLift is ranked too low. Okay, I agree.

└ He was probably underestimated because he’s playing in NA.

└ Day 1 - poor League player / Day 2 - remarkable League player / Day 3 - again a  poor League player

└ Re-evaluated every day.

└ Last year Crown was like this. Is it Rekkles’ turn this year?

└ Is Rekkles a poor League player or a remarkable player?

└└ Let’s combine it together and make it “pooremarkable player”.


▷ ??? : Are you DoubleLift?



└ All of a sudden, man…

└ DoubGu, I missed you so much!  

* Notes: DoubGu is a word referring to DoubleLift + Kang “Blank” Sun-gu used in Korean LoL communities. It’s a joke about DoubleLift’s poor performance.

└ ??? : Big bro! Let me go with you please.


▷ Wait… The focus shouldn’t be on Uzi. As a matter of fact, RNG’s only win is against Wildcard regions. Since season 2, I think this year is one of the most worst result a Chinese team had so far. Can they make it to the Semi-finals?

└ You’re saying that Fnatic = Wildcard region??

└ Fnatic: “Say what?”

└ They won against Fnatic on the first day.

└ Okay, real talk. If they don’t use Karsa in the next games, probably the Chinese Communist Party pressured the team to not use him in international tournaments. Probably 99% true. Will they really not use him?

└ Fnatic, the team who won KZ, suddenly becomes a Wildcard team.


■ Game 2 FNC vs EVS

▷ Caps America >>>> Tony Stark

└ Civil War spoiler alert!

└ The best MSI match so far… Not sure which team will win.

└ lol.

└ Camille can’t win Vladimir? She doesn’t stand a chance.

└└ In late games, Vladimir is better.  

└└ She was near the turret so it was hard to go 1 vs 1.

└└└ When she lost, she was hit at least 2 times by a turret.

└└ Camille has some good burst AD damage, but she’s rather weak in long-lasting fights; Vladimir has spell vamp.


▷ When Camille was split pushing, the rest of the team didn’t perform well enough. If they were able to withstand a bit more …. If Rakan/Olaf did a bit better…. Or another way might have been Azir Teleporting near Camille and helping her out. They did lose but Camille still managed to perform well enough.

└ Stark’s performance was poor, no doubt.

└ He was good with split pushing, but getting solo-killed twice by Vladimir…He didn’t perform well enough.

└ The rest of the team had to withstand enemy pressure. They actually did what they can. If Camille was played by a better Top laner, they would’ve won the game.  

└ I think Camille did what she can, and the rest should’ve have done more.


▷This is what I call a ‘real match’.  

└ This game is not from Earth. Probably from another universe.

└ This game can be explained using the word: “lol”.

└ It’s not the best MSI match, but it was sure the most fun.


▷ There are a lot more better 1 vs 1 champs that are stronger than Camille. Jax, Fiora, Nasus, Urgot, Aatrox, Master Yi, Volibear, Mundo and so on… Camille is weak on 1 vs 1s.  She does have a good escape tool: her E. Her second Q hit can instantly assassinate an enemy dealer. However, once her Q is in cooldown, she has no other damage skills so she loses matchups against bruisers.

└ She has a lot of utility skills, so at least her 1 vs 1 ability has to be weak.

└ But the champs you’ve mentioned… Fiora is the only champion that can be seen in an official match.

└ As a matter of fact, Tryndamere, Kled, Xin Zhao are beasts.

└└ Kled is strong??

└└ Kled? Not really… Nasus and Master Yi are quite strong.

└ Irelia wins Camille these days. Once she gets her core items after lance phase, Irelia  dominates the matchup.

■ Game 3 FW vs KZ


▷ They’ve won “the best” KZ, so FW is now the best team in the world?

└ FW’s players are performing remarkable.

└ They are so good!

└ What happened to the KZ that dominated the LCK? By the way, FW Moojin is crazy.

└ KZ is only for the LCK. Once a foreign team uses the LCK strategies, they become powerless.


▷ It’s not about being arrogant or being caught off guard. FW dominated every lane matchup. I have nothing more to say.

└ I think they can be an ‘undefeated’ champion. I did think that Betty performed well last year, but now he is perfect. Simply amazing.

└ Now I think that KZ can’t succeed in international events. It’s becoming harder to support this team now.

└└ No doubt. They were losing from beginning to end.

└ They’re not just a “Korean killer”. They are now a “World-wide killer”.

└ I think KZ wasn’t bad, but FW was just too good. They are not that team that lost 4 consecutive games against SKT or a team that lost to EDG. It reminded me of TPA when they were beasts in season 2 Worlds. It was kind of like when they dominated Najin. Still, The play from Bdd was actually really cool.

└ Taiwan number 1!


▷ Yo did you see Khan’s last ult? He just wasted it. Khan should kneel in front of Yasuo.

└ Khan, kneeling again.

└ I can’t even feel the presence of KZ’s Jungle. Nothing to say about the bottom duo as well. Does Khan even practice tank champions?

└ Now I’m starting to worry whether the LCK is low in standards… For real.


▷ Guys. Why only blame Peanut when PraY was so bad in this game. PraY went 1 vs 1 against Kog’Maw in mid; he performed poorly in that 1 vs 1 as well as the time when he misused his ult and died in bot. I can clearly see the ADC performance gap here.  

└ Just everyone was so bad except Bdd. If it was not for him, this game would have ended 10 minutes earlier.

└ Looks pretty much the same with SKT… Blaming Top and Jungle.

└└ Dirty...

└└ It’s a shame to see Peanut getting blamed… Probably the ones who are blaming said that he didn’t deserve the blame when he was playing for SKT.

└└ Everyone performed awful except Bdd. Why are people blaming only Jungle?

└└ A lost is a lost. I really don’t want to see people blaming a certain player, or blaming the pick bans after the match.


▷ Khan is now starting to reflect on what he has done in the past. He is brooming the rift using Gnar- a good deed indeed.  

└ Yup. A highly positive attitude... Regretting his past deeds.

└ Lol

└ 15 volunteer points for Khan!

* Notes: In some Korean schools, a student needs a certain amount of volunteer points in order to graduate.

└ What are you guys going to lol.

└ The ‘lead by example’ meta?

└ I understand why he used his ult in mid air; Mega Gnar was almost finished. Even if it did land on Kha’Zix, they would have lost the teamfight.

└ Has he decided to turn over a new leaf perhaps?


▷ ??? : 4 Chinese can't win

└ "We are not 4 Chinese. We are the Taiwan No. 1!"



■ Game 4 RNG vs FNC


▷ ??? : Did you see? Uzi is the best ADC!

└ Rekkles: Yes he is.

└└ Now I think that he lost in purpose to read the Inven reactions.

└└ A man of his words… Rekkles, he his so cool.

└└ About this game, Rekkles was real bad. His first Flash in bot and his second jump mistake was quite crucial. If he didn’t do those mistakes, FNC would have won using their top, mid advantage. He kept on dying in 2 vs 2s so the team lost their powers.


▷ FNC won KZ, RNG won FNC, TL won RNG… And the team that defeated them all: FW

└ FNC is collapsing real fast.

└ I’m not sure whether Uzi is the best ADC, but one thing for sure; he is really strong against Rekkles.

└ It’s still only a Bo1.  On 2016, SKT lost 4 times but won the trophy. Well, this time, I have to admit FW looks so strong.


▷ ??? : Well, you guys need me for sure.

└ Lol

└ Let’s just use Soaz.


▷ Will KZ lose against RNG in next match? I think they’ve recovered their shapes now. Man, I didn’t expect KZ to have such a hard time.

└ I think they’ll lose against NA. TL might become better, now that they’ve got their first win.

└ Really? How can you possibly believe RNG recovered after winning this game? EU was the usual “EU”; it was self-destruction.


■ Game 5 FW vs EVS


▷ Let’s win the MSI, FW!

└ EVS still threw some jabs against them.

└ Who will win FW?


▷ Who would have known… A Wildcard team winning every match till day 3…

└ FW is not a Wildcard.

└ FW, for sure not a Wildcard team level. TPA did win the Worlds as well.

└ They go against Wildcard teams because MSI lack seeds. So sad to see a ‘major’ region reckoned as a Wildcard.

└ What are you talking about? FW is not a Wildcard. Their region just had bad results when compared to the other major regions. That’s why they’ve started in the Play-in second round.

└ NA should give away their seed.


▷Chance of KZ winning FW? 50% maybe?

└ maybe 30%?

└ I’ll go for 20%.

└ If their pick bans improve, I’ll go for more than 50%.

└ FW 8.5 : KZ 1.5


▷ Actually, FW was never thought as an underdog.

└ They were good in early stages, but once they go to bo5s, they lost every game.

└ They weren’t bad, but they didn’t perform good as well. They won Korea and always lost against NA, EU and China.

└ They seemed good looking at their plays against Korean teams. However, they mostly lost against other teams.

└ They weren’t good in 16, 17 Worlds.

└ They’re only reckoned as an “LCK killer”; FW lost against every other regions. They never was undefeated in a group stage.

└ They were thought of as a decent team because FW won so many Korean teams.


▷ I was watching the replay of FW vs Gambit. So, Gambit should be re-evaluated. They were actually really good against FW.

└ Yup. Gambit should be re-evaluated. How did they show such a good performance against a team this strong?

└ Wasn’t it for just game 1? FW dominated the other games.

└└ They lost 3:0 lol. Gambit almost won game 1. FW is now undefeated, so that’s why people are talking about re-evaluation.

■ Game 6 TL vs KZ

▷ Bdd is so good!

└ They got whipped by a wolf. Now taking it out on NA.

└ Yes, Bdd is the best mid in the world.

He is good every single match.

└ The strategy and pick/bans were just like the usual KZ.

└ I thought that Bdd should be the carry and it looks like he managed to pull it off. Bdd is in a good shape, so he needs to be the focus; it’ll earn time for the top and bottom to recover their performance.


▷ Did NA ever make it to the MSI semi finals? TSM always finished 5th.

└ They finished second once.

└ CLG finished second. Since season 2, they’ve only made it to the quarter finals in Worlds.

└ CLG was in 2nd place on 2016.

└ CLG was the only team to make it to the finals. It was when SKT was in a really bad shape. This was when people said that SKT should swim back to Korea.


▷ I think in this match, they showed their joker cards because they were urgent. I think this pick ban was prepared for the semi finals.

└ They had to do something. I don’t even want to imagine them finishing 4th.

└ What are you talking about? It was the usual KZ's pick bans.

└ I think they used it because they needed some confidence boost. Especially, it makes sense since NA isn’t a strong threat.


▷ 1 OP, 3 teams in the middle and 2 teams are the underdogs. FW is OP. KZ is in the top among the middle teams. RNG and FNC is in fierce competition. The 2 underdogs are already showing some huge performance gap compared to the other teams.

└ I’m looking forward to EVS vs TL. It’s kind of like an elimination match; it must be so fierce.

└ Yup, I agree.


▷ The final boss is FW. Will they do well in bo5s?

└ KZ still in second place. What a relief.


▷ Let’s not blame KZ too much. It’s only the group-stage; it won’t matter if they win the trophy. They’re not gods, so the team can’t be perfect. Suffering in early stages, then making improvements and eventually winning the title is what LCK teams do best. It’s kind of like what SKT has done; cutting down on mistakes and winning the tournament. Well, this might refer only to SKT, so we’ll have to see. On 2015 IEM, LCK lost against LPL’s WE and a lot of people said that “Korea is no longer 1st place”. Still they managed to place second in the LCK and win the Worlds. KZ actually beat SKT, plus other quality teams and finally made it to the MSI. We got to believe in them. They aren’t in their best shapes but I’m going to support this team. Let’s go KZ!!

└ Probably they’re getting blamed because fans are counting their chickens too soon. This opinion is actually assuming that they’ll win the MSI title already.

└└ It’s not assuming that they’ll win: it means that even though they’ve lost twice, they still can win the MSI if they try their best and recover their performance. It wasn’t meant like that.

└ Well let us wait until the tournament is over.

└ KZ is a strong team, which means they’ll have haters.

└ Do they really have to win the trophy in order to prove that they’re a good team?


▷ ??? : Haha I did not mean that.

└ President Moon Jae-in: So, you are going to participate in the summit right? Hello? Hello, are you there?

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