Heroes of the Storm

Tres bon Université Laval: For the first time, a Canadian team wins Heroes of the Dorm



(Photos by Carlton Beener)

An otherwise reserved group of teammates could no longer keep their emotions in control as the University of Laval Rogue et Au collegiate team jumped into the air and hugged one another as they were crowned 2018 Heroes of the Dorm champions.

In a 3-0 victory over the University of Kentucky Scratch ‘Em at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California, the first Canadian to win the tournament was all smiles as they took the podium.


“After Kentucky, we were pretty confident because we thought they were the team to beat. When we knew it was Buffalo we thought it would be easier. The first game was tough and that surprised us,” 

- Team captain Jerome “Earth” Levesque.

Although the opening moments of the first match was tense, the next two games had a similar theme throughout: Laval took an early experience lead, used their advantage to be the aggressors due to their tank being able to isolate an opponent and get picks then steamroll from there.

In the closing moments leading up to the final core march, knowing the victory was in-hand, stress turned into excitement.

“When they’re dead and you know there is no way you’re going to lose, we started to cheer."  

- Team captain Jerome “Earth” Levesque.

The winning lineup consisted of Jerome “Earth” Levesque, Daniel “HairyBlob” Gourdeau, Simon “Electromad” Deroy, Patrick “Wouka” Langlois, Bruce “Nesdip” Jouve and Anthony Christopher “Quantum” Charron.


The Journey

To reach the grand finals, Laval first had to go through the University of Kentucky squad which had prior experience at the live event. In a swift display of dominance, the characteristically passive Canadians amped up the aggression and breezed through the semi-finals round.

Generally an experienced team with a calm and cool attitude, Kentucky quickly unraveled as they soon began to panic in their plays and draft strategies. It became apparent that the game plan was no longer “Play the Kentucky way” but “Counter Laval’s game.”

Game 1 proved to be the beginning of the end as Laval’s macro play around the map in addition to strong tank play from Electromad helped propel the Canadians to the final match.

“We were expecting Kentucky to show way more than that. We didn’t expect it to be way easier with Kentucky than Buffalo.”

- Team captain Jerome “Earth” Levesque.


As for how many more times they will be on stages in their lives with confetti raining down on them and a crowd roaring, Laval appreciates the potential of a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Even though we will never do this again. It was an incredible experience just to be there and represent Canada. To have all these people cheering for us, I think we made them proud.”

- Daniel “HairyBlob” Gourdeau

The tournament was amazing. Being here as a team, it was so fun. Everything from the tournament was fun but even the room and the pool [at the hotel] we were able to enjoy it all.”

- Patrick “Wouka” Langlois

“It gives a lot of foreign players a unique opportunity and feeling for college students that play in Heroes of the Dorm.

- Team captain Jerome “Earth” Levesque

As for what the future holds for members of the team, Quantum has committed to the Air Force, Nesdip is going back to Europe and the others will entertain offers from teams within the Heroes Global Championship to potentially turn pro someday.

“This gives me a lot of confidence to be the best at that job,” said Quantum, “Motivation-wise, it boosts everything.” 

- Anthony Christopher “Quantum” Charron.


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