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[KR Reactions] FW vs GMB: "I thought just the name was similar, but GBM, GMB, what’s the difference."


The MSI play-in finals between Flash Wolves (FW) and Gambit Esports (GMB) held on the 9th of May (CEST) was quite an issue in Korea as well. FW was famous for beating LCK teams in competitions. GMB was famous from the beginning. The fantastic macro game of GMB in the early days of LoL was like a trauma for the Korean fans.

So a lot of attention was drew to this match. However, the match ended in quite an easy victory for FW. After the match, we collected some of the reactions in the KR community.

Game 1

- I think bottom is always the problem for FW.

ㄴ Still, Moojin did good. He’s not Moojin, he’s LiMoojin.
*Note: Limoojin is pronounced the same as Limousine in Korean.

- It seems that Moojin is doing everything.
ㄴ Temoojin… (Temujin is Genghis Khan’s childhood name.)
ㄴ Was Moojin Mongolian?

- Both top laners bought Banner of Command.

ㄴ It’s League of Banners now.

- It started off exciting but got loose as the game went on. It felt like watching Chinese Dota 2.

ㄴ Didn’t FW used to be quite aggressive?

- Why is Gambit winning all the teamfights?

ㄴ Why is Rakan initiating on Trundle?
ㄴ Since Gambit is solid, FW shouldn’t play the power game head to head.

- So whenever I go to the bathroom, the game is turned around. LOL
ㄴ Yeah, I just bought dinner and why’s Gambit now losing?

- A pleasant ride on LiMoojin.
ㄴ It was a bit bumpy in the middle, but they got to their destination.

- Betty’s Xayah was awesome. Sorry for underestimating your prowess God-Betty.
ㄴ In the mid game teamfights… It seemed as his Xayah was dealing all the damage.
ㄴ I thought Kai’Sa would do everything but Xayah did.

- SwordArt was a bit disappointing.
ㄴ His initiations were weird. He did alright later on, but it wasn’t good during the whole game.
ㄴ I think that was the first time I saw Rakan do that bad in the pro scene.



Game 2

- Was that Kassadin pick intended?

ㄴ They should have something in mind.
ㄴ It seems like they’re self-destructing.

- (After Kassadin has 2 deaths) I knew that will happen, but isn’t it too early?
ㄴ I think it’s already over. There’s nothing he can do.
ㄴ Is that GBM? Oh right… It’s not GBM… It’s GMB…
ㄴ That Kassadin is so good at being hit…

- SwordArt was so weird the last game but he’s good in this one.
ㄴ Why is that Cow there?
ㄴ He’s coming out of everywhere.
ㄴ Did you just see Graves disappear? I thought it was Master Yi with a gun.

- But the global gold isn’t that different. Gambit is doing well in the macro game.
ㄴ Gangplank should have got to Ornn but it seems like he shared his Citruses with Ornn.
ㄴ I don’t know about Ezreal, but if this game goes long, I think Ornn and Graves will do something.

- I don’t know about anything else, but Diamondprox and Edward still being active as a pro gamer is really awesome.
ㄴ That’s true. There’s nobody that is playing for that long.
ㄴ Aside from prowess, being active is really admirable.

- They’re fights are lose-lose. They fight with effort, but gain nothing.
ㄴ That proves that Gambit’s still in the game.
ㄴ The gold difference is still close, but Gangplank is scaling well.

- (After FW wins teamfight) Now it’s over.
ㄴ Why did they all go in when Swain’s ult was on?
ㄴ This was Ornn’s bad.
ㄴ Betty looks like a world champion ADC. How is he so good?

- I have no idea what Kassadin is doing up to the end of the game.
ㄴ It seems like FW doesn’t even care about what Kassadin does during teamfights.
ㄴ But still, he dies out of nowhere. LOL
ㄴ He’s a champion that’s worse when disadvantageous but the situation is….
ㄴ Now it seems like he doesn’t know how much damage he can deal.

- The ability gap between the two teams is too big.
ㄴ I think the MVP should be given to Kassadin.
ㄴ Moojin did well this game too, but the gap was too wide; it didn’t seem to matter.

Game 3

- Kassadin again??
ㄴ Do you think it’s gonna be different this time?
ㄴ I think it’ll be the same.
ㄴ It has to be different this time.

- (After Sion’s long distance ult succeeded) What the hell was that? Sion hit that??
ㄴ That was awesome driving. But why are they panicking after making a good kill?
ㄴ They’re all dying after a good ult. LOOOL
ㄴ What was that for?

- Gambit must be here because they’re good too… Is the level of the region that different?
ㄴ Morgana is melting away.
ㄴ Kassadin is doing nothing, as expected.
ㄴ No one seems to care about Kassadin.

- It’s an easy win for FW. There’s no way that GMB can make a comeback.
ㄴ I thought just the name was similar, but GBM, GMB, what’s the difference.
ㄴ No need to watch any more of this now.
ㄴ Still, it’s a bummer for Gambit.

- So I think the problem is champions that start with ‘Ka’ (Kha).
ㄴ I think game 1 was different?
ㄴ That was Moojin. He’s different.
ㄴ LiMoojin…
ㄴ KingMoojin…

- The game is over in 25 minutes.
ㄴ Did it really end 3-0?
ㄴ The commentators are getting off work so early.
ㄴ So that’s how all the wild card teams got eliminated?
ㄴ Why in the world did I watch this for two hours...


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