Black Desert Mobile’s Sorceress - “Nearly Got the Class Name Changed!”


The name of the Sorceress was nearly changed in Black Desert Mobile, a game developed and serviced by Pearly Abyss.

There was a vote to change the class name of the Sorceress in BDM prior to its release, as the character’s combat style in BDM may seem different from the original Sorceress in Black Desert Online.


Pearl Abyss came up with ‘Raven’, a name that refers to a crow, and ‘Karma’, a name based on the Sorceress hero in the game, trying to decide which sounded better. With the option of keeping the original name, ‘Sorceress’, and other opinions, there were a total of 4 options to choose from. Whatever received the most votes would become the name of the class in BDM.

The vote started on April 19th (KST) and the results are out; what made to the first place? ‘Sorceress’ won 57.05% of the votes over Raven and Karma. The Sorceress will be added to BDM on April 27th (KST) along with the new patch.

The exact date for the global service has yet to be announced but the class name will remain the same. Which do you like the best out of Raven, Karma, and Sorceress?


▲ As the result of the vote, they decided to keep the name, 'Sorceress'!


* Edit: The update has been delayed, and PA will announce the schedule again later on.

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    level 1 alovesupreme


    This game doesn't deserve to go global as it clearly is not willing to devote ANY energy or time into importance of diversity and perpetuates racism despite the users' efforts to educate them.

    Three weeks i saw a username with the N word, and i sent in a 1:1 customer service message with screenshots as evidence, briefly explaining why users should not be allowed to use that word in their username or chat (they don't allow any swear words to be used in the username ID); this user's guild name is the same (n****man), but in Korean.

    I got a reply saying that they will carefully and promptly review it and take appropriate measures. It's been three weeks and nothing has happened. I understand that mistakes can be made and we can learn from it (this is still not permissible), but even after I took the time to educate them about this matter, nothing has happened.

    Please help spread the word about this so that Pearl Abyss devotes the necessary time, energy, and money into learning about the basics and importance of racism and diversity.

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      level 1 Stormborn_Rage

      Please help spread the word about this so that Pearl Abyss devotes the necessary time, energy, and money into learning about the basics and importance of racism and diversity.source : alovesupreme- 2018-05-08 16:44:43

      ^^^ so much this!!!

      Thank you for taking the time to report them, thank you for writing this comment, and thank you for being a beacon of hope.

      I always report everyone I see with offensive names, using screenshots and my written explanation of why it's wrong and how it's damaging, and I usually get back good responses, but that is on the NA server of the PC game, not the mobile one. I see SO MUCH filth in this game that it's really a wonder I keep playing. At this point, I ought to have my common complaints saved in a word document, where I can just copy/paste and change details as needed, because every time I observe world/server/and even roleplay chat, I'm just disgusted by ignorant people. Really, it goes much farther than ignorance. I don't really believe in evil, but if I did, it would be in the minds and actions of these sorry excuses for humans. Regardless of anonymity, the level of 'badness' (for lack of a better term) required to put those words down so other people can see them, HAVE to see them, means they're not that far off from acting on those opinions in real life, too.

      Oppression is a slippery slope and leads to hell for all but those at the top. Many white gamer dudes are scared they are going to lose that position. Let's give 'em hell!

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      level 1 niedigger


      Shut the f*** up you nigger. Nobody gives a f*** about you or your faggot ass SJW opinion. It's called freedom of speech if you don't like it neck yourself faggot. My grandfather didn't own pieces of shit like you to hear them speak.

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      level 1 niedigger


      As an Asian I think you dirty pieces of shit deserve an opinion. Since we Asians are considered honorary whites I don't feel the same way infact most whites love us. So then the problem has to be you dirty nasty niggers/spics. Who cares if you stop playing a game nobody will miss your worthless ass. You and OP should jerk each other off you faggots. Also you will always be the bottom of the food chain and I hope for more slavery.

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    level 1 niedigger

    Game is great there are just too many f***ing whiny ass pussies. Too many cunts crying about racism they should go f*** themselves in the mouth with a taser. I hope the people/races complaining about the game get put into a camp where they can concentrate really hard.

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