Dallas Fuel's downfall to SF Shock: Moving on without Rascal, is aKm truly to blame?



With Coach KyKy and Rascal’s release, many were looking forward to see Dallas Fuel’s new changes in action vs. San Francisco Shock.  What they did not expect was a 0-4 defeat for Dallas.

In what may have been the worst showing in Overwatch League on Temple of Anubis, Dallas failed to make the first tick on Point A.  Much of blame seems to fall on aKm’s Genji:

Many questioned why Seagull wasn’t chosen to play Genji, when aKm himself had admitted
before that his Genji wasn’t up-to-par.

However, HarryHook came to aKm’s defense:

HarryHook may not be off-the-mark, as they pulled a C9 on Junkertown with 6 ults ready to go (with Seagull as the culprit leaving the cart):

The frustration can be seen as early as Map 2 in this clip as Seagull attempts to communicate with uNKOE:


Furthermore, aKm can’t be fully responsible. He didn't even play during this disaster of a team fight on map 3:

Interim Head Coach
Peak certainly has his work cut out for him until hastr0 brings in a new Head Coach.


Closing the chapter on Rascal

Before the actual match, Soe brought viewers up-to-speed in regards to Rascal’s release:

Since it seems commonplace to question Dallas Fuel’s management decisions, hastr0 has noted that the whole team was consulted in regards to Rascal’s release.  This seems to be confirmed by Harbleu, who spoke with Seagull earlier.

Rascal himself went on stream recently to share his thoughts, with translations provided by @gatamchun:

Rascal fans have brought up that communication issues must be due to a lack of translator staffing on Dallas, although hastr0 has also addressed that:

“We obviously do not have a player in game that can act as an English-Korean translator or vice versa, but we do have help on staff for that communication. That was a tough spot to be in for Rascal, but that is not what led to his release.”


On a positive note

Although they still lost Map 4, Taimou’s Widowmaker was pulling its weight.  It was enough for him to vocalize his new confidence online:

With this glint of positivity, we can only hope to see Dallas Fuel eventually regain footing as they continue to work out their roster.


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