Min-kyu Kyeong, securing the future of Esports through the advancement of amateur leagues


In traditional sports, skilled players with remarkable potential are not only in the professional league. There are many experienced and adept players in the amateur league as well, and some notable amateur players move on to the professional league.

In other words, amateur leagues are the basis for professional leagues. Through fostering skilled players, revealing issues that can affect professional leagues, and testing solutions for potential problems, amateur leagues serve as a vital training ground that helps refine professional leagues.

Collegiate Esports is the amateur league for professional Esports leagues. Collegiate Esports is an environment where college students who are aspiring professional gamers can experience the life of a pro, and has the potential to become the basis of Esports in the future.



Min-Kyu Kyeong, broadcasting director of Inven, is a well-known expert in Collegiate Esports. Inven has been coordinating and hosting many Esports events by working with various game companies and organizations including Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Actoz Soft, Cygames, and KeSPA.

As the department manager, Min-Kyu Kyeong has successfully coordinated many events by organizing the schedules, managing the details, and dealing with any emergency situations. He takes to heart the experience earned from each event, applying what he’s learned to improve the events every year.

He has successfully hosted the LCB (League of Legends Collegiate Battle), the collegiate League of Legends tournaments in Korea, for many years, and a lot of college students from this tournament actually grew to be professional players. Min-Kyu Kyeong has been close witness of Collegiate Esports for years, and has always worked on expanding and improving Collegiate Esports.



At the first IGEC-ESPORTS DEEP DIVE, Min-Kyu Kyeong will share his insights on Collegiate Esports, what its current problems are, and how it can be improved, in a lecture with Mark “Garvey” Candella, the director of strategic partnership at Twitch.

There are no team managers in the amateur league, and rules tend to change every league. That’s why there are so many unexpected situations during the ameteur leagues. At the same time however, ameteur leagues are rough diamonds that have endless potential. Min-Kyu Kyeong has been a part of this polishing process ever since he started his career. He believes in the potential that Collegiate Esports has, and has a firm belief that Collegiate Esports must go global.

His years of career organizing and hosting Collegiate Esports prove his expertise. In order to promote a more Esports-friendly environment and spur on the global expansion of Collegiate Esports, Min-Kyu Kyeong will tell us about what Collegiate Esports could do better and what path it should take towards the future.

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