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Who will be IgNar’s New Partner? bbq OLIVERS officially Recruiting a New ADC.


The LCK professional team, bbq OLIVERS, is getting ready for the new season. Using their SNS account, they are officially recruiting a new ADC.


bbq OLIVERS started off as ‘ESC Ever’, originally a third division team that was promoted step-by-step to the first division. They won the 2016 promotion tournament match against ‘SBENU SonicBoom’ and became an LCK team. In early 2017, they’ve managed to get a new sponsor and changed their team name to bbq OLIVERS.


After enduring two highly competitive seasons, in 2018, bbq recruited ‘IgNar’ and ‘Trick’ from the EU LCS. However, the result was disappointing. The team’s ADC, Ghost was in a long slump which worked against the team’s improvement. They barely survived in the LCK, ending up in 7th place.


It seems that bbq is trying to improve by recruiting for their rather unstable ADC position. Recruitment starts on April 16th(KST) and it ends when they have completed the process. Gamers must be at least a Master Tier ADC user that doesn’t have any disqualifications due to identity fraud or any other in-game restrictions.


Meanwhile, the focus is on who will be the next partner for ‘IgNar’: the key player of bbq whom showed an excellent performance even when they were losing. Although there have been no official announcements yet, people are also interested in Ghost’s next step. He seems to have recovered from his slump, as seen by his performance in the match against SKT T1.



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