KZ Khan: "All top laners of the world, come bow down in front of me and kneel."

On the 14th of April (KST), Kingzone DragonX (KZ) defeated Afreeca Freecs (AFs) 3-1 and became the champions of the 2018 LCK Spring Split.

It wasn’t an easy victory. AFs showed a perfectly prepared game in Game 1, and KZ started off 0-1. However, KZ showed unbelievable concentration with Kai’Sa and won Games 2-4 straight and lifted the trophy.

After the match, the players and coaching staff were interviewed briefly.

Q. Congratulations. How do you feel?

Kang "Hirai" Dong-hoon: We prepared without sleeping much. I’m very happy. Today was very tense for me. Also, it was the first match my son ever watched his father’s game. He’s six years old. I’m proud of myself because I think I’ve shown him good results. (To his son) I love you. (To his wife) I’m always sorry to you, thank you and I love you.

Q. (To GorillA) It’s your third championship and your second consecutive championship. How do you feel?

GorillA: Whenever I was runner-up, I thought that that year was the last year. I think I’m being paid back on my efforts. I believe whoever puts in enough effort, they’ll be paid back with results.

Q. The old fans were hoping that you have good results. A word to the fans?

GorillA: I think our bottom duo was very good today. It’s my fifth year and I’ll do my best so that I can continue to be a good player for a long time.

Q. (To PraY) It’s your 6th finals. You have more finals experience than anybody. How was today?

PraY: I thought that it will be an easy win until I came to the arena, but AFs played really well in Game 1, so I had a hard time.

Q. Your Kai’Sa was outstanding. Are you satisfied?

PraY: It wasn’t fully satisfying, but since I ended up being the champion, I feel really good.

Q. Are you expecting the postseason MVP?

PraY: I’ve never got that before, I didn’t even know there was such a prize. (Q. Here you go!) Yeaaaaaahhh!!

Q. To whom do you want to say thanks to?

PraY: My parents started coming to the finals from two finals before, and I’ve never lost a finals when my parents came. I was sure that I’ll win because of that. I’m always thankful to my parents and all the fans.

Q. (To Bdd) You’re a lot calmer now. How do you feel?
Bdd: People ask why I’m not crying. I’m just keeping it inside so that I can cry after winning MSI.

Q. You should be very confident now. Do you have any promises for when you win MSI?

Bdd: [If I win the championship at MSI] I promise to cry. (Laughs)

Q. Many people are saying that Bdd is the world’s best mid laner. What do you think?

Bdd: It wasn’t bad today, but I think I’m not at the top just yet. I’ll need to put in more effort.

Q. How do you think you’ll do at the MSI?

Bdd: Since we’ll be representing Korea, I want to do well. Especially, I want to deliver good performance in the laning; I won’t lose in the mid lane.

Q. (To Cuzz) All players were important for KZ coming to the finals. How do you feel?

Cuzz: I’m happy winning two championships in a row. I think this championship was a better experience than the last one.

Q. What do you want to show at the MSI, what kind of jungler do you want to become?

Cuzz: I think Peanut is really good. I want to be the post-Peanut. A player that can be even better than him someday. Also, I forgot to tell my parents that I love them at the last finals. I want to say that I do today. I love you.

Q. (To Khan) It’s the king of all Jayces of the world. Do you think you did what you needed to do today?

Khan: I was uncomfortable because I gave up a solo-kill in Game 1, but I feel really good because I was able to have revenge at the last game.

Q. Before, you bowed down to all the top laners that were better than you. Do you have any players to bow down at left?

Khan: Don’t you think all the players should come and bow down in front of me now? (Laughs)

Q. Now it’s the world. A word to the top laners of the world?

Khan: I’ve conquered Korea now. All top laners of the world, come bow down in front of me and kneel.

Q. Any words of thanks to people around you?

Khan: Thank you to my family, the team staffs. Thanks to everyone who supported me. Thank you!

Q. (To Peanut) More and more fans are asking you to marry you. How do you feel?

Peanut: Today, I didn’t stay emotional on becoming champions for long. Still, I think that I’m continuing to be pro so that I can feel this kind of emotion. I’m happy that I’ve felt it again in 6 months.

Q. Was there much pressure today?

Peanut: I thought that I wasn’t nervous today, but since I made a few mistakes in Game 1, I must have been nervous. In Games 2-4, I wasn’t nervous at all, and I think we were able to win because I didn’t make any mistakes in those games.

Q. A word of thanks?

Peanut: Thank you to all the fans, family, coaching staff and teammates. To all who’ve watched today’s match, at the arena and to everyone at home, have a good night.

Q. (To Coach Choi Seung-min) Why the long face?

Choi Seung-min: Because I don’t quite feel the victory just yet. I’m thankful to the players who believed in us and followed our lead well. I hope that we won’t be satisfied and win all the rest of the competitions left this year.

Q. Are you confident of the next competition?

Choi: When we played scrims against Chinese teams, they were better than expected so I was a bit worried. Still, we’ll do our best and win it all.

Q. Are you satisfied with today’s performance?

Yeon Hyeong-mo: I’m satisfied. I was worried because AFs practices really a lot and they have many unexpected picks, but still we also practiced every day up to 5 AM. I’m happy that we delivered good results.

Q. Many are saying good words about the two coaches. Any last comments?

Yeon: I want to thank everyone who came to cheer us on, and thankful to the players. I’ll do my best to keep up the effort. Thank you.

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