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[KR Reactions] KZ vs. AFs: "Bdd is a terrible Sion player, he can't even utilize the champion's passive."



■ Game 1

▷Why are teams even playing that lobster champion?
└ I really want to ask them myself. 
└ Skarner has done nothing.
└ I think it's better for Peanut to stay away from playing Skarner. He's been underperforming on that champion.

▷KZ should be fine if they ban Tahm Kench, right? KZ had taken the early lane advantage, but because of Tahm, Peanut wasn't able to do anything. In the late-game, KZ couldn't openly initiate because of Tahm, as well.
└There is only a limited number of bans.
└└ KZ should've banned Tahm instead of Trundle.
└└└ Picks and bans are all connected. If Trundle is banned, another champion/composition will be picked. Don't just look at the results, but the entire drafting phase step by step

▷I'm pretty sure SKT and KSV wanted to play like this. In the current meta, there are no Sightstones and green smite, so it's impossible to completely read your enemy jungler.So as a result, defensive teams such as SKT and KSV suffered the consequences for it. In the early-game, Kingzone played very, very aggressively, but Spirit was able to read Peanut's pathing, preventing him from taking control over the game. Reading the enemy jungler in this meta isn't easy, and I think that's one of the big reasons why AFs reached the Finals this split.
└AFs players didn't play any solo queue, only scrims. They're basically machines at this point.

▷ Why didn't KZ engage in front of the Elder Dragon? No matter how much I think about it, I don't understand it.
└ The mid and botlane had minions pushing in, and AFs made sure that they don't get engaged on. KZ couldn't find an opening, and that's why they couldn't engage. It wasn't KZ that did badly, it was AFs that did well.

▷On this loss, I think Peanut's death was the cause. He was constantly counter-ganked by Spirit, and did absolutely nothing with his ultimate... Not only that, but he died trying to invade the enemy red. I mean, sure, Khan getting solo-killed was also big, but I think Peanut completely ruined KZ's chances. Until the very end, he did nothing while holding both ult and Flash. At least Gnar did something during the Baron fight...
└ Peanut didn't really do anything wrong. The problem was the Skarner pick itself. Skarner is a champion that only works if you have all 3 of your laners pushing.
└ Bdd was doing a good job of pressuring his opposing laner. Sure, Peanut died, but Khan's death was the biggest cause of defeat.
└ Simply put, both of them did badly.

▷ Game 1 Kiin.gif

└ Fight me, **tch!
└└ lmao
└└ Is number 51 Khan?
└└ He dodged it lmao.

▷Kingzone needed a solid champion that the entire team can rely on...

└ Yeah, they needed a solid Volibear to tank and push the sidelanes.
└└ Nah.
└└ At least the idea sounds good on paper, lmao.
└└ I recommend Volibear :)

■ Game 2

▷Let me tell you who the most handsome professional gamer is.

└ Everyone is below PraY in terms of looks.
└└ I know.
└└ Lol.
└└ Thought I was seeing Buddha himself.
└└ Upvoted!
└└ Is Mowgli right behind him?

▷CC Hell
└ Tank hell...
└ Kingzone did Kingzone this game.
└ A Finals should be like this. It's been a while since I've seen such an entertaining game!

▷What was that from PraY at the end there? LOL
└ I thought AFs was going to win, but suddenly, Kai'Sa... she's so OP.
└ Bang-raY

▷I think Bdd is the best midlaner on Sion.
└ Bdd is a terrible Sion player, he can't even utilize the champion's passive.
└ lol...
└ I know, Sion's passive is very important.
└ PraY does a fantastic job using Sion's passive, Bdd should watch and learn.
└ I had a brain fart reading this... took me a second to understand, lmao.

▷???: "Black beard? Gold beard?"

└ Peanut: "Flame beard is the best!"
└ └ lmao.
└ └ Cute, lol.

■ Game 3

▷I mean, I understand that Kai'Sa has her limits, but I think it's time that AFs ban her now...

└ PraY is so good on Kai'Sa.
└ AFs played game 1 fantastically but threw games 2 and 3 during picks and bans. I know that AFs' botlane is confident, but don't leave both Kai'Sa and Morgana open, please.
└ I remember that time when Xin Zhao was picked 3 times in a row... the team that lost because they didn't ban him.
└ This Kai'Sa reminds me of PraY picking Twitch against CJ when he was in Najin. They should really ban Kai'Sa.

▷ At this point, I think we can all agree that Skarner = loss.
└Skarner is truly... 
└Mowgli actually played well, but still lost...
└Is there a national Skarner committee or something? Why are teams still playing that thing?

▷ Did Ghost take control of Kramer or something? He's playing in an odd way...
└ In the end, Aiming being banned from playing affected the whole team, eh?
└ He put too much faith into Tahm Kench and played way too aggressively.
└ He must've exhausted all his energy in game 1 or something. 
└ I don't know if it's because he's lost concentration or if it's because he took a big hit to his mentality. He's constantly making small mistakes. He's definitely a player with potential... I really hope he gets back on focus and performs better in the following games.
└ There is a big difference between PraY and Kramer. Did you see Kramer moving into the enemy team trying to get a kill? Despite the fight being 4 vs 5? Coach Choi must be pissed! He can't even sub him out for Aiming, lmao. Congratulations, Kingzone, on becoming the 2018 Spring Champion!
└ A lot of you guys are talking about that 4 vs 5, but to be fair, if PraY didn't use heal, Kramer would've gotten that kill. He did overextend, but let's not give him too much flak, he just had too much faith in Tahm.

▷ ???: "I knew you were the reason CJ was relegated, Kramer!"

└ Jhin's forward movement.gif

└└ Sigh...
└└ Jhin-Kench is actually a good combo.
└└ Do all ADC players play like this if they have Tahm as their support?
└└ That's the original!
└└ Kramer reminded me of this play...

■ Game 4

▷Kai'Sa 4 times in a row...

└ I mean, we shouldn't criticize picks and bans because of the result, but letting KZ take Kai'Sa 4 times in a row seems really bad.
└ Khan and PraY are INSANE
└ A series that started and ended with Kai'Sa.
└ Congratulations, KZ! But seriously, just how many times must AFs lose to Kai'Sa to understand?

▷During this playoff, every team that took game 1, lost 1-3... and KZ, you were awesome. Congratulations on your victory.
└ A new law was made this split. You must lose game 1 to win the series.
└ AFs' old passive, "win only game 1" is still effective... As an AFs fan, I want to cry. KZ played so well...
└ Giving Kai'Sa over 4 times in a row was really, really bad. They played in a similar manner to KT, winning game 1, but continuing to play the same strat over and over again until they're out. Not only did AFs leave Kai'Sa open, but they did the same on Morgana, a high-tier support. 

▷Greedy picks and bans, leaving open both Kai'Sa and Morgana. If AFs was going to leave them open, AFs should've at least taken something like Miss Fortune to counter it. Picking a late-game ADC against it won't do you much, especially because of the Morgana.
└ I knew that AFs was going to lose when they left Morgana and Kai'Sa open.

▷Smeb: "Kuro, don't cry! At least you reached the Finals..."

└ LOL. Wasn't it last year when a picture titled, "your team's toplane is Marin~" went around the community?

▷1-3, 1-3, 1-3... every team that won game 1 in every playoff series lost lmao.
└ wtf.
└ That's actually very odd. 
└ I knew AFs lost when they won game 1...
└ On top of that, every team that climbed up the playoff ladder lost...
└ Normally, the team to win game 1 takes the series advantage because they can screw up the enemy team's picks and bans in the next game. But this split, the winning team continued using the same strategy over and over again, making them lose.

▷ No one can argue that the best ADC player is PraY.
└ Of course! He must have a World Championship title to match his skills, right?
└ Don't say stuff like this if you truly care about him.
└ With no Worlds title? I don't think so.
└ PraY did take a long break during his career, but he still kept on playing the game. That's what created the PraY now. Is there another player that has been maintaining top-notch performance for as long as PraY did? PraY is a really consistent player. I'll continue to cheer for him!

▷ Why Afreeca didn't ban Kai'Sa.jpg

└ 38% winrate...
└ PraY drawing a bigger picture for the Finals.
└ He throws like hell in solo queue...

▷???: "Kuro, you've failed to reach your personal goal."

└ Smeb: "Well, for me, mission accomplished!"
└ └ Kuro also successfully took down SKT!
└ └ Lol.

▷I'm a bit disappointed in Afreeca. I thought they'd be more flexible in picks and bans. They kept on staying adamant about leaving Kai'Sa open. Even if the Morgana-Kai'Sa wasn't the reason they lost, shouldn't have they considered banning the two? The enemy team kept playing the same comp, while AFs constantly switched around theirs. Was that necessary? They should've at least banned one of the two, and have considered the option of taking Morgana for themselves for the Caitlyn-Morgana duo. 
└ I think AFs thought that Kai'Sa wasn't the issue, because they had won game 1. A terrible decision, really.

▷Congratulations KZ! Also, good effort, AFs!

▷???: "Woah! PraY's Kai'Sa is the real deal!"

└ Ghost: "Be grateful that you're supporting the ADC that beat PraY!"
└ └ Mr.Ghost, please... 
└ └ lmao

▷Controversy regarding Peanut's terrible personality.jpg

└ Peanut: "The first time I thought of that was when I won 2016 Summer."
└ Peanut: "I can now go anywhere and confidently say that 'I'm a pro gamer.'"


└ Score: "?"
└ └ Score: "T_T"
└ └ Ko "Score" Dong-Bin (25yo, Amateur)
└ └ Hey! Score had won the KeSPA Cup before, you know.
└ └ He had also won MLG you bastards T_T


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