Black Desert Online

Flowery Costume Set - New Spring Costume for Female Classes Is Here on BDO!


Flowery, the new Costume Sets for female classes have been added to Black Desert Online KR. Flowery includes only helmet and the armors, but no weapon, and the armor takes up the slots for the armor, shoes, and gloves.


The Flowery Costume Set was added for all female classes, thus no difference can be seen between each class. Its helmet is a golden circlet, and its armor is a white dress with golden plates added to the chest, neck, and arms. The shoes are golden high heels. The costume set has thin golden chain ornaments going around the chest, back, and hands, and comes with a pair of white fishnet stockings.



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    level 1 Samuel_Luque

    yeah finally a new costume! and is a pretty one :3

    ty guys!!

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    level 1 Keldorn_Corbec


    For Tamer too ?
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      level 1 Cha-

      @Keldorn_Corbec IT is for all females i would assume, ive seen it on Tamer and Sorc so far.
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