The Perfect Finish of the NA and EU LCS! & High Expectations for the LCK Finals and MSI


Today's cartoon is about the perfect 3-0 victory of the champions in both the EU and NA LCS, and the Expectations for the LCK Finals and MSI.

Just yesterday, the finals of the two leagues, EU and NA LCS have finished. The final series of both leagues gained a lot of traction from the contenders alone, and the results were fiery as expected. Both of them ended with a score of 3-0. Fnatic came back hot, letting their fans know that their days of glory are back. As for Team Liquid, they proved their investments were very effective -- and they created a new drama in the NA LCS. After witnessing the dominating performance of the two champions, fans grew wild in anticipation of wanting to see them contend in the MSI.

LPL of China will need more time to finalize, and the LCK is about to have their Finals in a few days. On this weekend, the fans will witness Kingzone DragonX, a team that dominated the regular season face off against Afreeca Freecs, a team that evolved throughout the duration of the LCK tournament, becoming stronger than they have ever before. Both teams displayed extraordinary performance and tactics, so a 3-0 outcome prediction will be to be made carefully.

Due to the dominating performance of the NA and EU champions, this year's MSI could arguably be the most competitive one as of yet. Also, with the massive increase in performance of AFs, who'll be crowned the LCK champions? The weekend seems to approach too slowly...

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