Travis Gafford: The Leading Figure in NA with His Creative Content


Just like any other sport, the central figures in Esports are the players; it is they who draw fans to the stadiums with their amazing skills and plays. Then the analysts come next. They catch the details that the audience misses and make the viewing experience richer and enjoyable with their thorough analysis -- there is a huge difference between games with and games without analysts, which makes the analysts as important as the players in Esports.

However the person we are about to introduce is neither a player nor a commentator; he is a caster, someone who connects the players with their fans. It isn’t easy for casters to become famous, although there are some who are as popular as the pro gamers. There are casters who make the interviewees answer naturally to questions they found difficult to answer right away by uplifting the atmosphere with their humor, and there are some casters who like to get straight to the main point and ask questions. Once these casters build up their career through interviews, they become as well-known as the pro gamers.



Of course, becoming famous as an interviewer isn’t easy, as they aren’t usually the ones to stand in the spotlight. Despite that, Travis Gafford managed to become a renowned caster, which made him stand out from most casters.

Of course, he didn’t start out as a popular as he is. In the beginning, he was just one of many different casters; the reason he gained the fame he has today was because of his consistency in casting. There are many people who are more experienced reporters or casters compared to him. However, none of them can surpass him in his passion for Esports such as League of Legends, which he has watched intently for over 7 years.



You can get a peek at his consistency in State of the League (SotL) where he has had various discussions since the early time of League of Legends. Not only did he interview as a caster, he also created Esports content for SotL where he talked about a variety of LoL-related subjects in person, sharing stories that the League fans wanted to hear. These stories, combined with the wit with which he delivered them, has earned him a place within the hearts of many LoL fans.

He joined Yahoo to work with their Esports media in 2016; based on Yahoo’s focus on Esports at the time, it was clear that the company put their trust in Gafford.

Even after he eventually left Yahoo, his passion for Esports still ran deep and wild. The SotL may be gone, but Gafford continues to have extensive discussions about the League with the players and related figures, even more lively than before.



The knowledge and insight Gafford has on Esports and the League run deeper than most. He believed in the potential of this new industry from the beginning and grew alongside it. Thanks to his experience and passion, his perceptiveness and ability to understand different perspectives of the game has developed to an astounding level.

The very same Travis Gafford will be joining the first IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE as a speaker. As a caster, he is usually the one asking questions, but this time he’ll be the one providing the answers. We all look forward to the stories he will be sharing at the IGEC.

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    level 1 Saurav

    I think you guys made a mistake in the article, Travis isn't a caster but rather an interviewer/reporter.

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