DreamKazper indefinitely suspended from Overwatch League and Boston Uprising

Following the Inven Global report regarding accusations of sexual misconduct with a minor, both the Overwatch League and The Boston Uprising have announced the indefinite suspension of Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez.



DreamKazper had just come off an important 4-0 victory against Houston Outlaws and was poised to continue stage 3 as one of the best NA DPS players in the Overwatch league. With this announcement, the Overwatch League has made it extremely clear that this type of behavior isn't tolerated, even in the slightest.


This isn't the first time an Overwatch League has left the league. Fans may remember xQc's departure that made many pundits critical of the league's inability to keep it's biggest stars from getting in trouble. This bombshell of a discovery about DreamKazper on the back of such an incredible performance just a day before is horrible timing for the league to say the least.

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    level 1 TheLastComm3nt


    I just think it's SLIGHTLY suspicious that she only decided to reveal everything after she found out that he also talked to other girls! It apparently wasn't a problem that he was 21, but as soon as he hurts her feelings, she's perfectly fine with destroying his career...

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      level 1 Lars_Van_Belle


      are you actually trying to blame the girl in all this? a 14 y/o who didnt know better at the time? really? destroying his career? that's what's important to you? not the fact that he may have abused a minor? if he is found guilty his career will be the least of his problems.

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