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AFs Kuro: "When the coaching staff told me to play Yasuo, I became so nervous."



The team to meet Kingzone DragonX at the finals was Afreeca Freecs (AFs). In the LCK Spring Split semi-final match held on 8th of April (KST), AFs defeated kt Rolster 3-1 and succeeded to reach the finals for the first time in team history.

Games 1 and 2 were snowballing fights of the two teams. Both teams took advantage of small benefits to make a growth gap, and each won a game.

It was neck-and-neck in game 3. Kuro suppressed Ucal’s Taliyah with Banner of Command, but KT was the team to take the first tower. The game went on close until AFs won a fight at mid lane and took Baron, but gave up many kills. However, AFs pushed midlane with the remaining Baron buff while KT players went to kill the dragon. When KT recalled in a hurry, TusiN’s Alistar made a fantastic initiation and AFs took game 3.

Mid lane Yasuo appeared in game 4. KT attempted to kill the dragon first by taking command of the bottom lane and vision. However, their position wasn’t good after trying to kill Mowgli’s Sejuani and as AFs players joined to help, AFs scored an Ace with Yasuo’s triple-kill. However, during the mid game, Yasuo was cut off and the atmosphere changed a bit. KT ambushed Yasuo again and AFs became more cautious. KT was constantly after Yasuo, but as Kramer’s Caitlyn grew well, AFs again took initiative. AFs went for Baron and KT went for split. Both achieved their first goal, but the game went to AFs. They were able to destroy KT’s inhibitors and after winning a teamfight near Baron with Kramer’s quadra-kill, they AFs succeeded to go to the finals.

After the match, the players of AFs were interviewed by SPOTV.

Q. (To TusiN) Congratulations. How do you feel getting to the finals?

TusiN: I was very determined before coming to the game. It’s my first time to reach the finals, so I feel really good.

Q. (To Kramer) Head coach Choi Yeon-sung (iloveoov) was hugging you as soon as the match was over. You delivered steady performance all season long, how do you feel?

Kramer: I’m happy to get MVP in the last game, it’s my first time being in such a place so I’m nervous.

Q. It was always TusiN that got MVP, but you got it together today. Are you satisfied?

Kramer: Frankly, I didn’t know I would get it. Morgana was really good in the laning phase so I was able to grow a lot easily. I’m thankful to be voted MVP.

Q. TusiN’s performance today was really good. Your Rakan was especially impressive.

TusiN: Whenever I come to play, I think that the opponents will ban Rakan, but he was available today. After that, they banned many support champions, but I was confident on playing whatever was left so I think that’s why it went well.

Q. Do you think that your champion pool is unstoppable by bans?

TusiN: I think I was able to show everyone that I still have a lot more.

Q. You lost the last match of the regular season against KT. What did you think after losing game 1 today?

Kramer: I was really nervous in game 1, but after game 1, we got to think that they weren’t that good, and even though we lost that game, we gained confidence.

Q. It seemed that Kramer wasn’t greedy on getting MVP up to now, but recently, it seems that you’re more motivated. What happened?

Kramer: The team doesn’t let me stay greedless. Frankly, I’m very competitive and I try to hide that, but my team had me express it.

Q. It must have been stressful preparing for the match. How did you prepare?

TusiN: We tried to fix our problems on late decisions and unclear actions in game 1, and we lost it. KT had a good roll and they had a better composition, but it’s a relief that we won the long run.

Q. Now you’re going to the finals against Kingzone DragonX. What are your thoughts?

Kramer: I’ve always wanted to get to the finals. It feels like “We just won a match, and we’re going to the finals already?”

*Other AFs players enter*

Q. (To Spirit) After having a hard time in game 1, I think you had a hard time. Still, you got to the finals. How do you feel?

Spirit: I’m regretful that I wasn’t able to deliver good performance as the starting member. Still, I was at ease because I trusted Mowgli. He played well as expected. In the finals, I’ll win all three games.

Q. (To Kiin) What are your thoughts on the finals?

Kiin: Kuro always said that he wanted to get to the finals, and that the atmosphere there is different. I’m really looking forward to that atmosphere.

Q. What’s different from the finals you thought of and the actual finals that’s right in front of you?

Kiin: I used to think “What would it feel like to play there?” but now that I’m going there, I really still can’t believe it.

Q. You were always compared to Khan. How do you feel playing against him in the biggest match?

Kiin: I think I’ll need to do my best and enjoy playing.

Q. I think Khan won’t say the same thing; will you only enjoy playing?

Kiin: My first goal is to enjoy the game, the next one is winning.

Q. (To Kuro) Your Yasuo was impressive today.

Kuro: I did practice Yasuo but not much. I was suspicious that I’ll play him but they told me to play him. When the coaching staff told me to play Yasuo, I became so nervous that I asked the others to pat my back a few times.

Q. So it wasn’t fully prepared?

Kuro: It wasn’t 100%. I still have some more surprise picks like this.

Q. How do you play Yasuo so well? And it was an important game, how did you end up picking him?

Kuro: I didn’t want to pick him because it was an important match, but the coaching staff told me to play him so I thought that I’ll show Smeb how Yasuo should be played and did my best.

Q. (To Mowgli) What was your motivation for today’s match?

Mowgli: When our head coach told me to get ready after losing game 1, I thought I should deliver the save. I’m happy that I did well. It’s my first time in the finals and that day is my birthday. It’s going to be a stage for us, so I want to be all over Kingzone by preparing well.

Q. Any last comments regarding the finals?

Kramer: I’m happy to have reached the finals. We’ll prepare well for Kingzone and practice a lot.

TusiN: It’s my first time in the finals but I’ll think of it as a normal match. I’ll prepare a good pick and destroy them all.

Spirit: It’s been 4 years since I’ve been to Busan; I’ll try hard to lift the trophy this year.

Kiin: They say that Kingzone and Khan is really good; I want to do my best and beat them.

Mowgli: We’ll prepare well for 14th of April to beat Kingzone. Khan, we’ll beat you that day.

Kuro: There were old ROX members during the whole playoffs. However, there’s always a troll when several of them gather. You three (PraY, GorillA, Peanut) just wait.



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