BDO NA will have a new Service Provider on Apr 25th - and hopefully no more disconnection and lag issues


Server issues such as mass disconnects and lag have been on-going problems in Black Desert Online NA and EU. In an effort to resolve these issues, the Black Desert Online NA/EU team has announced via its official forum that in order to improve the server quality, the service provider for the NA server will change. The NA server will be offline on April 25th, which is the date when the migration process will be taking place.

The new carrier for NA will be Level 3 Communications, and the NA server will have two other carriers for better server stability. In addition, there will be new security measures to further mitigate DDoS attacks, and the database server will also be given a performance improvement.

The process will take about 10 hours, so the weekly updates will come to the game on the next day, which is April 26th, meaning that the server will be closed for two days during the week of April 22nd.

The notice also mentioned that the EU server’s database will be upgraded as well a few weeks after the NA server’s database is upgraded. The DDos mitigation system for the EU server was already implemented a few weeks ago.

The entire notice regarding the service provider change can be found here.


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    level 1 Sonjiro


    Does anyone have an idea what exactly will be done about EU servers?Its not only NA that suffers from lag and disconnect.They said that EU will get server upgrades, at least thats what i understood.

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      level 1 deeps


      you already answered your question

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      level 1 deeps


      just calm down and wait untill the superior NA servers come in first sheeeesh

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