Aaron, general manager of EDG, lifts the veil on Chinese Esports


Compared to his age, Aaron has a rather youthful appearance paired with his high pitch voice. When I first met Coach Aaron, his first impression was very different to his career. As the most talented Coach in eSports in China, Aaron, rather than radiating authority and charisma, had a very friendly touch to him. Meeting Aaron felt like talking to a close neighbor who had a favorable trait of being quite understanding.

Aaron’s position and career as a coach is unparalleled in China. In the days when Team WE was acknowledged as the best team in the world, Aaron was the coach who uplifted Team WE to glory. Furthermore, Aaron was the director in charge in orchestrating Chinese team, EDG, to win their first ever international event at MSI 2015. Coach Aaron was also responsible for single handedly bringing back the recognition of China being one of the most formidable leagues in the world.

In the interview with Coach Aaron, I got to see how deep his understanding truly is in Chinese eSports. The most apparent moment during the interview was when Aaron criticized some of the core components Chinese eSports lacked. Regardless of the interview format with the reporter, Coach Aaron explained his concerns without restraint. From the insufficient attention in player management to all the way to where the Chinese eSports League is falling short, Aaron explained comprehensively what has to be done in order to further develop the scene. Even with the level of difficulty of the questions given, he responded truthfully without pause.

The player that exemplifies Aaron’s coaching abilities the best is EDG's Support, Meiko. With first debuting his professional career with the EDG name, Meiko is still prominent on the EDG team as a franchise star player. Alongside pure talent, he is easily suitable for the global stage and is showing the pinnacle of his ability.


Meiko, EDG's Support (Photo via lolesports.com)

EDG’s Jungler, Clearlove, is one of the greatest star players who has a rather unique relationship with Coach Aaron. Working with Aaron from Team WE to EDG, Clearlove has a strong and honest relationship with Coach Aaron. Being so unique, their relationship is well known throughout China.

For this year’s IGEC, Coach Aaron will be attending as a representative for China. With the profound knowledge in the Chinese League of Legends eSports scene, Aaron is fit to analyze and clarify the different shades of Chinese eSports truthfully. The theme he is going to talk about is ‘A Miracle Jump-Esports in China’. Clearly, a topic that is well suited for Coach Aaron.

As he is an extremely talented and qualified coach who has trained several star players in China, the expectations for his speech is inevitably high. With coaches from Korea, China, and other regions coming to IGEC to share their story, it will be a valuable place to hear the discrepancies between two different regional coaching systems. Let’s meet Coach Aaron in his speech of ‘A Miracle Jump-Esports in China’ at the IGEC eSports Deep Dive, UC Irvine May 1st.

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