Ryan Morrison: The Video Game Attorney That Shows You the Shortcut to Success


There are a variety of people in all fields of profession - people whose only goal is their success in the business, people who became involved solely for their passion, people who began to be involved mainly out of coincidence and continue to work, and so on. The recent growth of Esports has caused it to evolve into an entire new industry. As with many new frontiers, many people dove start into Esports in hopes of finding success, while some were simply chasing their passion; unfortunately, a large portion of those people lacked even the most basic understanding of the rules and regulations of the market.

There were more and more people who began to get involved with a rather casual mindset, believing that as long as they’re passable in their specialty, they will easily find success. This way of thinking proved untrue, as many young individuals found themselves regretful and unhappy after experiencing unfair treatment or immense loss in the digital entertainment industry.

The various legal procedures needed for the novices in the industry to claim their rights was just too complicated, and there weren’t any separate means to help them learn the required procedures. This was when a ‘hero’ came forth to save those from their head-aching problems: Ryan Morrison, the co-founder and CEO of Evolved Talent Agency.



Evolved Talent Agency, the company that employs many digital entertainment specialists, is a professional agency which helps with various legal and business procedures for those who have just started and don’t know much about the industry; anyone who is involved in digital entertainment, including streamers, Esports players, indie game developers, and so on. Ryan Morrison, the CEO of the company, is known for providing aid to all those with intellectual property rights or complicated contract problems, regardless of their level of prosperity.


Ryan obtained the nickname, ‘Video Game Attorney’ from his countless online consultations with Esports players and industry-related individuals, which he did free of charge. He claims that an innovative approach is needed for new industries like digital entertainment, and continues to offer reliable help for those in need of it.


"That's when I realized, oh, I can help them! So I quit my job and reached out to everybody and said, 'hey, I've been an attorney for about eight days, but I'll help you for free if you want to fight this.'" - from the interview with ‘Motherboard’, a multimedia publication, in March 2016.



Ryan Morrison, CEO of Evolved Talent Agency, will be giving advice on various dilemmas within the digital entertainment at the very first IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE being held this upcoming May. He will also explain the differences between the agencies in traditional sports and the much younger agencies in Esports, in his speech “The Difference Between Esports and Traditional Sports from a Legal Perspective”.

This panel will provide many essential tips and information to those planning to join the Esports industry and to Esports individuals who are preparing for several Esports tournaments and must manage players. Come to the IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE and learn how the Video Game Attorney has guided countless players and digital entertainment figures to success.



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