Faker on SKT T1 Ryze Skin: "I thought someday it would come up in ‘Your Shop’. I was waiting for that to buy it on sale."

Today’s interview is with Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok of SKT T1. In the last match of the split on the 25th (KST), SKT defeated Kongdoo Monster 2-1 and placed themselves 4th in the leaderboard. Faker performed well with Anivia in game 3 and coming off that victory, we had the chance to hear his thoughts on the upcoming playoffs.

The following is our interview with Faker.

Q. You defeated Kongdoo Monster 2-1 and succeeded in getting to the playoffs. How do you feel?

We claimed 4th place by winning today, but our goal isn’t just getting to the playoffs, so we’ll do our best to climb higher.

Q. You gave out rice cakes to the fans before the match today.

Since the fans congratulated me a lot for my 5th year anniversary, I wanted to do something in return. My uncle helped with preparations so I was able to give them out today.

Q. In game 2, you picked Taliyah even though Edge is known for his LeBlanc. Were you confident?

I thought that it didn’t matter even if he played LeBlanc, but it became difficult because I made a mistake in the early game.

Q. In game 3, your Anivia was outstanding. When were you sure that you would win?

I thought that victory was ours after taking Baron. Until that, they had a better composition and we were trailing because they put pressure on us.

Q. You’ve been playing Yasuo a lot lately in solo queue.

I’ve started to enjoy playing Yasuo, so I’ve been playing him more.

Q. You played Azir quite often this season. Your Azir drift is awesome, do you have any tips?

I think anyone above Gold tier is good at it.

Q. You said that it’s not you patting kkOma’s head. (Laughs)

▲ Faker patting kkOma on the head after winning 2013 LCK Summer Split.

That’s not in my memory. I don’t know who did it. (Q. Obviously, it was you.) No, I didn’t do it. I don’t think it’s me…

Q. You bought the SKT T1 Ryze skin from ‘Your Shop’ during your stream. Didn’t you have your own skin?

Well, I don’t buy many skins… Actually, I thought someday it would come up in ‘Your Shop’. I was waiting for that to buy it on sale.

Q. Any last comments for the fans?

You probably worried a lot until the end. I’m glad that we won. Now, we’re preparing for the postseason, so I’ll do my best to get to the finals. Thank you.


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