SKT Faker: "I have a bad memory, so I usually forget everything... But I still remember that moment I solo-killed Ambition."

On March 22nd (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, SKT T1 defeated MVP 2-0 and added a win to their record, saving bbq from the relegation match. On the other hand, MVP fell down to the relegation match. Both games 1 and 2 were one-sided. SKT attacked aggressively from the beginning and took the lead. In game 2, they had an uneasy start, but with the effort of Thal and Bang, they were able to take the victory.

Now, SKT has one match left, against Kongdoo Monster. It isn’t certain whether SKT will reach playoffs or not, and it will be decided according to the results of KSV vs Kingzone and ROX vs Jin Air. After the match, the players of SKT were interviewed.


Q. It was an important match today, how do you feel?

Bang: Now we have one match left. We can’t get to playoffs on our own, and everything depends on the other teams’ results. Still, if we win the last match, we have better chances to reach playoffs so we’ll do our best until the end. I think it’s a relief because we won today.

Q. Bang is getting good evaluations recently. What do you think of that?

Bang: I think I’m just doing what I need to do.

Q. Some people are saying that you play more passive to maintain a high KDA.

Bang: In some fights that seems like that we’ll lose even if I’m there, I don’t get close at all, I just run away. Otherwise, I always tried hard to put in more damage.

Q. How is Bang in Faker’s eyes?

Faker: It doesn’t seem like he’s trying to maintain his KDA, but I think he survives more because I often die up front; that might be the reason Bang survives because I deal with all the aggro.

Q. There were many close moments for Blank in game 1.

Blank: Yes, I think I was lucky. I did think before I jumped, but when I did, the enemies were a lot stronger than I thought they would be. Well, the result was good, I didn’t die.


Q. In the community, there are many people who express their complaints to Blank. They say that the’ve never seen Zac’s recall?

Blank: Zac is a champion that’s really hard to kill. I think it’s because he has a lot of escape skills


Q. Today is Faker’s debut 5-year anniversary. A word to the fans?

Faker: Recently, I realized that really a lot of fans send us cheers and support, so I got to think that I should do better. Thank you.

Q. If there’s one match, or one moment you remember of your 5-year career, what would it be?

Faker: I have a bad memory, so I usually forget everything within a month. But I still remember that moment I solo-killed Ambition.

Q. SKT had a very hard time this season. What do you think was the biggest problem?

Faker: I thought that it was a matter for everyone in the team. We each should have thrived to do better. Even if one person was in a slump, other people can fill in for him, so I don’t think I can choose one biggest problem.

Q. Many people were pointing out your death on recalling. Was there feedback or were you aware of that?

Faker: I know well about my own mistakes, so I think a lot. When I recall, I often try to lure the opponents by recalling in a visible spot, but the results weren’t that good. Since there was more bad results, I think people began to think that I don’t pay enough attention to where I recall at.

Q. It seems that Effort is really nervous.

Effort: Hi, I’m Effort.

Q. You’re the youngest in the team. Isn’t it hard?

Effort: I think being the youngest is better. The other players are really good to me.

Q. Who’s the friendliest to you?

Effort: They’re all very friendly to me.

Q. You’ve been playing in critical situations for SKT. Is there any pressure?

Effort: When I play, I always play to win, but when we had bad results, I thought maybe I’m the reason. However, there’s no pressure in playing in the competitions.

Q. Then is there any pressure on being a member of SKT?

Effort: If I want to continue to play as a pro gamer, I need to deliver good performance. I just thought I need to get better.

Q. Any words to the fans?

Effort: There’s still another match left in this season, and I still have many chances. I’ll do my best to see you as a pro gamer for a long time.

Q. Blank was really aggressive today. What do you think?

Blank: I think it was because I practiced really hard. I think made improvements recently.

Q. Many people compare you to Blossom. What do you think of him?

Blank: When I watch him play, even I get surprised from time to time. This could be an advantage and could be a weakness; I think he’ll become an awesome player if he gets tamed a bit.

Q. Thal played really well today and got voted MVP. How do you feel?

Thal: It’s my first MVP ever. I feel really good.

Q. SKT is having a rough time this season, you had a hard time in your debut. How is playing in SKT?

Thal: At first, I got anxious because I thought I wasn’t much of help to the other players. Now I listen closely to the feedback from the players, coaches and even the insults of some fans. I’ll do my best to become a top laner that can stand proudly next to the other players.

Q. Any last comments to the fans?

Faker: Getting to playoffs isn’t certain for us. Whether we get to the playoffs or not, we’ll do our best. Thank you to the fans who endured our bad performance and cheered us on.

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