[Cartoon] Irelia's Awesome New Transformation!... and a Small Concern That Follows It


Today's cartoon features the new Irelia rework that came with patch 8.7, and... a small concern that I have about it.

It has been a while, but a new champion that brings joy to the eyes has been released. Although technically, she's not new; her change in kit, skill effects, and her "dancer-like" movements in battle makes her feel completely new. (My condolences to the ACTUAL new champion, Kai'Sa, for not garnering the attention that she deserves.)

With the reveal, players from the community started sharing a common concern: "she might end up falling in the same category of champions like Yasuo, Zed, Teemo, Katarina, Shaco, and the few other 'mistrusted' champions..." Her illustration and in-game images are quite beautiful, and her skills are straight out of an action anime. In addition, she looks extremely fun to play -- maybe it was Riot's goal to make that into Irelia's destiny. 

Can Irelia make a flashy comeback on the Summoner's Rift as displayed on the teaser? Will her newfound abilities put her in the hated and yet beloved league of mistrusted champions? Only time will tell.

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