Update: Warcraft 3 receives more balance changes

As a part of Blizzards ongoing efforts to balance Warcraft 3, the latest changes were announced today. 

The primary changes including heavy buffs to the Orc Shadow Hunter, Undead Dread Lord, and Night Elf Priestess of the Moon. Each of these heroes can expect to dish out more damage and enjoy buffs to some of their most under-used spells. It should also be noted that the Blade Master's never picked ability, Mirror Image, had its mana cost reduced again.

However, the most exciting change to many is the nerf to the Demon Hunter,  one of Warcraft 3's contender for the most powerful hero in the game. The only other hero that rivals his strength is the Blade Master, who was already nerfed significantly in the first update. It was a slight nerf, but one that will make fighting him in the early game easier. 

The nerf in question is a 10 mana increase in the cost of Mana Burn. Mana Burn is, without question, the most oppressive ability in Warcraft 3 and is something that almost every Blizzard designer uses as an example of "unfun" game design. However, it is crucial to Night Elf's ability to protect themselves against early game harassment and overwhelming AoE.

You can read the full PTR changes your self here. This news is another great sign for fans hopeful for Warcraft 3 remastered, as these changes only serve to make the game more balanced and suited for further expansion.

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