Can Huni get his revenge? Top laners who are expected to show up at MSI


The league finals and the first international competition of 2018, MSI, is coming soon. Already, many fans are discussing which teams will win the Spring Split and reach MSI. Notably, the top laners of NA, KR, and CN are drawing attention.

The star of NA, Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon of Echo Fox lost against Kim “Khan” Dong-ha in the finals of the 2017 LCK Summer Split. After leaving for NA, Huni didn’t have any chances for revenge. As time passed, both players became the best top laners of their respective leagues. Will Huni be able to have his revenge? That will only be possible if his team stays ahead of the other teams like C9, who are in close pursuit.

Kingzone DragonX is performing very well with an almost untouchable record in the LCK. With their momentum, most fans are predicting that they will reach the finals without much trouble and also believe they’ll most likely become the champions. Of the team’s outstanding players, Khan has been playing on an especially marvelous level. If the team is able to maintain their lead and become the champions, we can look forward to Khan delivering a bold performance at MSI.

While the clash between Huni and Khan is a popular subject among fans, IG’s top laner, TheShy of the LPL, is also drawing a lot of attention. IG is a very aggressive team like Kingzone, and TheShy has outstanding mechanics that are said to be comparable to Faker’s. If they end up ahead of RNG, who is closing in, the fans of the world may be able to witness a high-level duel of two aggressive teams, IG and Kingzone. If this matchup happens, we will doubtless be in for a very intense fight, especially in the top lane.

Many fans are hopeful that these three top laners will meet at MSI, and have high expectations for how fierce their clash will be. It is highly unlikely to be an easy fight for any player; in fact, many predict that the conflict will be more intense than any matches we’ve seen this season. Of course, the standings are not yet final. The other strong teams may be plotting some unexpected twists to get ahead, and the performance of the other regions like the EU LCS and LMS must be watched as well. No matter how the Spring Split ends, this year’s MSI is sure to be an event you don’t want to miss.

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