CLG Reignover's thoughts on Playoffs: “Our confidence is lower than it was in the beginning. However, our conviction for success is greater now.”

CLG still has hopes for the playoffs.

On the 10th in the NA LCS Stadium, CLG fought almost an hour long game against Flyquest. In the end, CLG defeated Flyquest and added this win onto their 3 win streak. With one game away from not being able to qualify for the playoffs, CLG stays strong with relentless focus till the end. As desperate as CLG is now, they are unwilling to let go of their string of hope. Going into the next 3 games, CLG has claimed that they will not lose a single game.

Below are the responses from CLG’s jungler, Reignover.

¤ You guys are on a 3 win streak right now. How do you feel?

Since our early to mid split performance was not great, we are trying everything we can with our last remaining hope. Even if we win all of our games, there is still a chance we could not make it to playoffs. We are just trying to focus on what is in front of us and win these remaining games.

¤ Why do you think CLG’s performance has improved so later on in the split?

We always played well in scrims but for some reason we would always make weird mistakes on stage. In my opinion, there were a lot of instances where we would make silly early game mistakes. There were also many instances when our mid game shot calling was not good enough to close out games. Now we are playing safe in the early game, and Biofrost has taken over shot calling.

¤ You have had difficult periods of time whilst in Team Liquid and CLG right now. Going through difficult times, what have you learned from this experience?

At first, I just thought that I needed to try my best no matter what. However after consecutive losses, I began to lose confidence in myself. But, I had slumps in the past. I already knew a way to overcome this. Although I am not playing to my fullest right now, I am still trying my utmost.

¤ Going into week 7, CLG’s performance has finally flourished. Do you ever feel a bit unfortunate that you guys are performing well so late into the split?

We are all playing with the mindset of ‘Do whatever we can to make it to playoffs”. We really do have the confidence to do well. Every single one of my teammates are working hard towards the same objective. Although our results right now are still not the best, CLG still has hope and have the try hard atmosphere in the team.

¤ Even losing one game will be the end for CLG. Do you have confidence that you guys will win all 3 remaining games?

Honestly speaking, our team is lacking a lot of confidence compared to the beginning of the split. However, our conviction and need for success are greater now than it was before. Because all the tops teams are looking rather shaky right now, I am confident that CLG can win against any team as long as we make it to playoffs.

¤ Lastly, anything you want to say to your CLG fans?

I want to apologize for CLG’s performance not being on par with everyone’s expectations. However, we still have a chance to make it to playoffs. I am confident that we can win it all. I can only hope that you guys will still watch our games and support us.

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