JAG's Head Coach Han on Upcoming Games: "We'll play with the mindset that everyone will need to shave off every hair on their body if we lose"

JAG added another victory to their record by defeating MVP with a score of 2-1. Throughout today's series, JAG, again, showcased their strengths of enduring through tough situations, primarily in game 2. On the final game of the series, Teddy performed beyond expectations -- allowing JAG to break through MVP's defenses.

After the series, Grace, Teddy, and head coach Han Sang-Yong were invited for an interview with the OGN casters.

It was a bloody series. Please tell us how you feel about the match.

Teddy: Our head coach told us yesterday that if we are to lose today, we'd have to shave our heads. So I made a resolution before bed, that I was going to win today no matter what... because shaving your head makes you look like a gangster...

The head coach was giving very strong high-fives to his players after the series.

Han: We had to win today, no matter what it took. I really liked my players' performance today, so I gave them strong high-fives. Today, we played compositions that needed to fight with the enemy team to take the lead --  it's a composition that can be countered by the enemy from the simplest mistake. I'm glad it worked out.

Were you surprised by the Ziggs pick?

Grace: I didn't pay too much attention or were threatened by it. I just thought, "you picked Ziggs? I'll beat you." I don't think he's that great of a champion.

Although you are still relatively new to the scene, you seem very confident. Are you like that in-game as well?

Grace: Confidence depends on my performance. When I underperform, my confidence goes down as well. I don't pay too much attention to things outside of the game, because I, only I, need to perform well. 

Han: He's like a very oldish child on the outside. But in-game, he's filled with vigor -- which sometimes work against him. So we're trying to cut away some of that energy and further strengthen his strengths.

You had a very difficult fight in game 2. What do you think about that game?

Teddy: Since we were constantly smashed since the early-game, it was very hard enduring their attacks. So I played with a mindset of letting them have the game but preparing well for the next one.

Before game 2, what did you head coach tell you guys?

Teddy: He told Teddy to pay attention and yo play to take the lead. However, UmTi threw too hard, and the game grew out of hand. I think he'll need some feedback when we get back to the teamhouse.

When UmTi plays badly, what do you tell him as his midlaner?

Grace: Saying anything to him could've left a scratch on his mentality -- which is bad for the entire team. To be fair, I'm not even that angry about it.

In game 3, there were a lot of moments where Teddy stood out. He was extremely aggressive. Why did you pick Varus despite Tristana being open?

Teddy: He's a champion that I practiced a lot. Our head coach also told me to pick him, so I did.

Han: In my personal opinion, I believe Teddy to have the best mechanics among the ADCs of the LCK. I believed that our team would've snowballed from the botlane if I gave Teddy Varus.

Despite being an ADC, you forward Flashed quite a number of times.

Teddy: As long as I don't get hit, it doesn't matter where I am. The front was the location where I was able to deal the most amount of damage while staying safe at the same time. That's why I forward Flashed.

Gangplank was extremely strong. What did SoHwan say throughout the game?

Grace: He was just telling us that Gangplank is strong. So we told him that we'll help him get the kills... but it didn't really work out.

Currently, the community has been talking about Galio. What're your opinions regarding that champion?

Han: I believe him to be a good champion. I was thinking about picking him in game 3, but the enemy team banned him away almost instantly.

Your upcoming games don't look that easy. KSV, AFs, KZ, and ROX. They're all teams that are preparing for the playoffs... 

Grace: Before trying to master our opponents, I think we'll need to master ourselves first. We won't be scared; we'll try to maintain our current form and give it our best.

Teddy: We bought ourselves another chance by winning today's match. We'll put it to good use.

Han: We haven't even fully escaped from the possibility of having to play in the Promotion games. We'll do our absolute best -- we'll play with the mindset that everyone will need to shave off every hair on their body if we lose.

Do you agree to what the coach says...? Shaving all the hair off of your body...?

Grace: Yes... Yeah...

Teddy: If he tells us to, we need to...

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