"Escort the Minions!" The minions who have been strengthened in the LoL 8.4 patch


Today’s cartoon is about the minions who have been strengthened in the 8.4 update.

The 8.4 update brought many changes to the game; notably, the objectives and minions were drastically buffed. The minions who only served as ‘walking bags of gold’ and tanks for towers are now being protected by champions due to the damage that item-buffed minions can do. With the buffs, the siege minions have been firing frantically with a power almost as strong as the AD champions.

There are many opinions on the ‘buffed minion rush’ and the changed game. In the recent update, the junglers lost their ‘Green Smite’ and it became harder to light up the jungle. Not only that, now the junglers have to make bold decisions to steal objectives, making their role in the game carry more impact. It’s not only the jungler; supports are now selecting the Minion Dematerializer rune because of those stronger minions.

Some fans are applauding the change because the game has become more exciting, while others are criticizing Riot’s drastic patches. The main criticism is that the new attempts Riot has been making are too drastic. Although questionable changes can be balanced through upcoming patches, the ones who mainly stress from having to adapt to the new meta are the users and perhaps most importantly, the pro gamers.

In the midst of the many changes, the minions finally have seized their chance to shine. However, the glory of the minions won’t be for long; in the upcoming 8.5 update, they will be weakened again. With the frequent changes, the minions may be riding on a roller coaster of change. Though their reign may be short-lived, it will be exciting to see what effect they will have on the game.

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