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Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, LoL's Newest Ultimate Skin to be Unrevealed




Following several teasers being posted on Social channels throughout the last days, Riot Games is ready to unreveal League of Legends’ fifth Ultimate skin, joining Spirit Guard Udyr, Pulsefire Ezreal, DJ Sona and Elementalist Lux. According to Riot, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune will be released on March 22, but will be available on the PBE as part of the testing period leading to patch 8.6.

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But unlike the other four Ultimate skins, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune will be the cheapest one of the bunch, costing 2,775 RP, a significant difference from the usual 3,250 RP needed in order to unlock the others. Players can also pay 3,500 RP to receive an extra portrait icon, loading boarding screen, and the Gun Goddess Ward Skin.

However, if you want to get the icon and the boarding screen alongside the bundle, you should be quick! After 14 days they will no longer be available, with the bundle’s price falling to 3,250 RP.

With a clear futurist setting, she is wearing a latex suit while holding two big guns to turn anyone who dares approaching close enough into pieces. With its own interesting lore, it is set on the same alternative universe of Bullet Angel Kai’Sa, the release skin coming out this week with League of Legends’ newest champion:

“Shot and left for dead as a young girl, Sarah Fortune used her father’s last remaining weapon blueprint to develop an exosuit of unrivaled power—installing an AI of her own design to make the platform intelligent—and began a bloody quest of revenge as she hunted down her would-be killers. Known throughout the galaxy as the most dangerous woman alive, she is respected and feared as the Gun Goddess.”

Pretty cool right? And similar to most other Ultimate Skins, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune has four different forms which you can freely choose from, Scarlet Fair, Zero Hour, Starswarm, and Royal Arms.

And all four forms have their own, small backstory to complement the entire setting and to give a sense of truly uniqueness to this skin.

Scarlet Fair (Base): Built by MF from her father’s blueprints, this highly-modified suit can fire a rotating barrage of bullets, antimatter tank shells, missiles, and antipersonnel flak discharges.

Zero Hour: A gravity-resistant exosuit and so-called ‘black hole gun.’ Fires spheres of super-condensed dark matter.

Starswarm: A banned exosuit that utilizes creatures born from exploding suns to melt MF’s enemies.

Royal Arms: Capable of wiping out an entire fleet with its rapid-fire antimatter warheads, only a few of these suits were ever produced due to their immense destructive power.

Are you excited as much as I am for Gun Goddess Miss Fortune? So let me know in the comments below!


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    level 1 Yunnuri

    Riot makes wonderful skins only for missfortune.. :/ Plz Make wonderful skin for zyra :'(

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