SKT Faker: "We have to make playoffs no matter what... I think we have good chances against KZ and KT"

On the 4th of March, at the Gangnam Nexon Arena, the 30th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 1st series of the day, SKT T1 clashed against Jin Air Green Wings and had won with a score of 2-1. Faker played Ryze and Zoe and had accomplished what he needed to do with those champions in order to ensure his team the victory. In every important moment, Faker utilized Ryze's ultimate to its full extent. As for his Zoe, he constantly applied pressure to the enemy team with her poke damage. 

The following is the post-match interview of SKT Faker. 

How do you feel winning today's match?

Today's match was very important. I played to win at all cost today. I'm glad that we did...

When did you become certain that you'd win today's series?

After winning game 1...

However, after losing game 2, the lights started dimming... (Laughs)

Before today, every win belonging to JAG Justice was gained through playing against you, Faker.

He plays in an irregular way, and I think that's why JAG had him play today - in addition to the fact that he had won against us in Round 1.

In game 1, you guys won by utilizing Ryze's ultimate. What was the situation like?

It was the 3 inhibitor timing. Since there was nothing for our team to gain in the midlane, we simply waited for the enemy team to make a mistake. Then, I saw an opening, so I went in with the ult. Even if we had all died, there wouldn't have been a big difference to the flow of the game. Also, I was fairly certain that we could've ended it there. 

In game 2, your team was close to making a comeback... but still lost.

Our team took the lead in the midgame. We lost the Baron at that timing and I think that's why we lost.

You picked Zoe again in game 3.

For first-picking, Zoe is a good champion. So after taking many team-related things into account, we picked Zoe.

Next week, you have to face against KZ and KT... two very strong teams.

Our team has to make playoffs. Therefore, the next two matches will be very important. Our chances are good in my opinion. Since our LCK schedule then continues with no breaks in-between, we'll have to take care of ourselves - physically and mentally - while preparing for the match.

In your opinion, how will the meta shift after patch 8.4?

Same with what everyone is thinking. I think early-game comps will be played more.

How about the midlane meta? Currently, in solo queue, champions that utilize 'Tear of the Goddess' are popular.

Although I think champion preference will change, I don't think the entire midlane meta will change. 

Any last words?

We're still lacking in a lot of departments. We'll fix as many problems as we can and show better performance in our next two matches. 

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