AFs Kramer: "Aiming is good, but it was stuffy for me because I wasn’t the one playing. "

On the 1st of March, Afreeca Freecs defeated SKT T1 2-1 in the 2018 LCK Spring Split Round 2 match. Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun played Kalista in game 3 and played aggressively to take the victory.

The following is the interview with Kramer.

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Q. Today’s match was important for the team, and you led it. How do you feel?

I’m happy that now I’m helping the team.

Q. What did you think while you were watching games 1 and 2?

I was burning on the inside. (Laughs) Aiming is good, but it was stuffy for me because I wasn’t the one playing. I was really happy after I heard that I will be playing game 3.

Q. How did you prepare the match in the 10-man roster?

We shared many opinions. We were able to find the weak points of the prepared picks and bans because many heads have many ideas.

Q. You narrowed the gap with 2nd place. How high do you think you’ll get in round 2?

We’ll be winning every match left in round 2.

Q. Normally, the people who says that loses often, is it alright?

We’re a bit different. (Laughs)

Q. You have a two day break after today’s match. What will you be doing?

I’ll be practicing of course.

Q. The next match is against ROX. How will you prepare it?

If we do our best preparing, we can beat anybody.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

We had a 100% win selection ready, but we weren’t able to play it. We’ll be playing it in the next match.

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